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Snowflake is a reliable cloud data platform that enables secure and simpler access to your data. Being scalable, it can easily be adopted into any business setting, regardless of the type or size of your company. However, you may want to find a convenient way to manage it from anywhere. This is where you will need to consider web-based Snowflake SQL tools. There may be a lot of those products, so you need to be discerning before making a choice. Here’s what to know about the best ones:

  • Access anytime, anywhere – The best thing about web-based Snowflake SQL tools is they allow you to access your database any time from a web browser. However, you are allowed to set limits or rules, such as allowing certain users to access to only what they need.
  • Centralized security – Find out which users have accessed your database and oversee their activities for easy auditing and enhanced security. It should help you comply with PCI, FERPA, GLBA, SOX, FISMA, HIPAA, GDPR, and other regulations, and enable SOD implementation.
  • Versatile – Get a browser-based unified tool that can be implemented on cloud databases or on-premise. Consider web-based Snowflake SQL tools that come with ad-hoc reporting and self-service business intelligence solutions, with features that allow you to connect to various data sources, define data access policy, and create data dashboards and SQL charts.
  • Advanced, intuitive editor – A good tool should let you edit, run, and build database queries on a web-based interface to enhance your productivity and simplify your database analysis.
  • Build database queries with ease – Look for web-based Snowflake SQL tools that lets you create database queries without installing a software, even if you lack SQL expertise.
  • Job scheduler – The centralized tool should let you take on database SQL tasks by scheduling them and allowing them to run automatically without your intervention.
What Is the Best Web-Based SQL Tools for Snowflake?


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