Web-Based Mongo DB GUI

DBHawk online MongoDB GUI is supported for Windows, Linux and Mac platform

DBHawk for MongoDB

Web-Based Mongo DB GUI


Start managing MongoDB with DBHawk without installing any client software on your machine. DBHawk is an intuitive web-based MongoDB IDE, which allows browsing, query full databases, and documents using a web browser. 

A user can query MongoDB documents using advanced drag and drop query builder. It includes MongoDB SQL query writer, JSON data viewer, online GridFS browser, and MongoDB data editor. Other feature includes import/export JSON/CSV data, creating a new collection, connecting to MongoDB Atlas all from a browser window.

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Browser Based MongoDB

Browser Based MongoDB IDE – Database and Collection Viewer

Using DBHawk MongoDB IDE, users can browse and view full MongoDB database and collections. DBHawk uses MongoDB pagination to display large collections. Users can add a new document, rename a document, drop a document, apply filter criteria, and apply paginations to view document details.

DBHawk MongoDB Tools

DBHawk MongoDB Tools - Data Editor

With DBHawk, you can browse the document, expand the full view, and edit existing values. You can edit a value, add new value, insert key-value, insert a new document, remove field – all with simple clicks.

DBHawk Online MongoDB

 DBHawk Online MongoDB Client – MongoDB Shell

The DBHawk Mongo shell is an interactive web-based command interface to MongoDB. You can use DBHawk Mongo Shell to query and update data as well as perform administrative operations.
You can open as many shells as you want to perform many operations.

DBHawk MongoDB Tools – Query Builder

DBHawk MongoDB Tools – Query Builder

DBHawk MongoDB Tools includes intuitive query builder. Users can drag and drop collection filed into query editor and apply various filter criteria on the collections to narrow down results. DBHawk query builder supports various conditions as a regular expression, equal criteria, and many more complex criteria. Users can apply multiple query criteria, query projections, and sort data conditions.

DBHawk MongoDB UI – GridFS

DBHawk MongoDB UI – GridFS

DBHawk provides online GridFS utility. GridFS is the MongoDB specification for storing and retrieving large files such as images, audio files, video files. Using DBHawk GridFS, users can view all files stored into MongoDB. Search and filter files, rename a file, delete a file, upload new files, edit metadata information for a file, and download files.

DBHawk MongoDB Browser - JSON data viewer

DBHawk MongoDB Browser - JSON data viewer

DBHawk includes full JSON data viewer. Users can expand document collection data recursively and view all data into JSON viewer by just right-clicking on the existing document. Users can also click on the JSON viewer on DBHawk MongoDB shell to view query results data.

DBHawk MongoDB UI Client - Utilities

DBHawk MongoDB UI Client - Utilities

DBHawk provides online utilities to view collection data in a new tab, copy and create a duplicate collection, open find statement in a DBHawk shell. Users can do all with a single right-click.

MongoDB Web-Based Data Browser

MongoDB Web-Based Data Browser with Pagination Viewer

MongoDB can store a large amount of data. DBHawk uses MongoDB pagination technique to display a large amount of data with pages. Users can simply click and view data with pages.

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