DBHawk Release Notes

DBHawk 4.8.7 Release – March 18, 2019
New Features
-Added SQL Editor message tab to copy results
-Added new feature to allow storing audit logs in a MySQL database
-Added create Windows SQL Server Logins
-Support for Openldap
-Now displaying user group in an User profile screen
-Redesigned LDAP feature to import groups
– Fix schema refresh issue
– Fix Teradata long column issue
– Improved audit log

DBHawk 4.8.6 Release – Feb 22, 2019
New Features
-Added support to store logs in a MySQL database
-Added SQL autocomplete
-Fixed export csv data issue for Oracle
-Fixed refresh button issue
-Added autocommit selection for MySQL
-Removed print button

DBHawk 4.8.2 Release – Dec 12, 2018
New Features
-Added Okta integration support
-Upgraded Redshift JDBC driver to RedshiftJDBC42-
-Upgraded Teradata JDBC driver to
-Allow to create DBHawk user as an Okta user
-Added reports for Teradata
-Added Object access control for Redshift and Teradata
-Disabled data edit icons for read only connection

DBHawk 4.8.1 Release – October 17, 2018
-Added parameters to charts
-Added PDF export for dashboard

DBHawk 4.8.0 Release – August 16, 2018
-Re-write charts/dashboards to make it easy and intuitive for users

DBHawk 4.5.0 Release – May 08, 2018
New Features
-Added support for Presto
-Added query history for mongodb
-user creation with temp password and expiration date
-Support DBHawk with Amazon Athena
-Export csv data for mongodb
-Add chart and dashboard for MongoDB
-combo chart needs second y-axis
-Various Query builder improvements
-SQL history Queries need feature to name it
-make ACL intuitive and easy
-mongodb connection info missing mongodb user name info
-Add export data button on MongoDB Collection and apply date format on export
-add grouping and other things with charts
-add explain plan for teradata

Bug Fixes
-Fixed issue with Redshift Query Builder
-fixed various issues with Hive
-In the “Query Builder” make SQL Query Window non editable
-missing data on mongo table view
-Snippet reverse the multiple parameters order
-When removing a group with still a user in it give a ‘technical’ error message
-Fix for Oracle ACL
-issue with dbhawk username (removed case sensitive username)
-various issues with SQL History
-dashboard first row with single column is not working
-DBHawk charts are not working with YYYY-YY kind of year formats
-issue with mysql import data
-for metrics columns on dashboard, user should be able to create small height and width components
-mysql update stmt is missing one `
-hive export is not working
-hadoop is not displaying block information
-connection refresh issue causing connection to change the name

DBHawk 4.1.6 Release – March 26, 2018
Bug Fixes
-Fixed issue with the new user notification
-added export MongoDB data with date format
-Data masking for Oracle database

DBHawk 4.1.5 Release – February 16, 2018
Bug Fixes
-Fixed issue with SQL Server Execution Plan
Added support for Cassandra
Added support for MongoDB Charts and Dashboard

DBHawk 4.1.4 Release – February 16, 2018
Bug Fixes
-Fixed Query builder issue

DBHawk 4.1.3 Release – February 8, 2018
Bug Fixes
-Some export features were not working due to java lib conflicts
-dbms_output with Oracle database
-fixed snippet parameter order issue
-fixed issue with MongoDB Upload
-Added new feature to rename SQL History Query

DBHawk 4.1.2 Release – January 24, 2018
Bug Fixes
-DBHawk user activities log files are not getting written due to issue with slf4j-nop-1.6.jar file
– Workaround with 4.1.1 release is to delete this jar from lib folder.

DBHawk 4.1.1 Release – January 22, 2018
New Features
-Added access for AWS S3
-Added support for MongoDB Atlas and mLab
-Added support for MongoDB SQL Query
– Text area to edit MongoDB value
– Fix link with the text
– Allow map chart small value to display as a bigger bubble
– Add new config to send email notification to new users
– Added sqlplus runner for Oracle
Bug Fixes
– Issue with import Job window
– fix various labels issues with charts
– When try to update varchar2 on Postgres, hsqldb – getting unparsable date error
– ACL should not display other tables with autocomplete
– User can see the column names of the table in the report creating even for this table access is limited
– Invalid object name for snippet
– Cannot run MSSQL query with some calculation without column name
– Read-only connection should not display as an error while connecting to the database
– Incorrect type of the MongoDB document is displaying
– Issue with charts
– Fix mongo records
– Issue with data grid filter with integer value
– Allow setting multiple emails for the job
– Import mapping is not working
– Make connection change disable on the ACL

DBHawk 4.1.0 Release – November 18, 2017
New Features
– Update DBHawk charts/dashboard creation and make it more advance
– Added Excel data import feature
– Added new user email notification
– Display or hide database login details why creating new connection
– Import JSON file to Mongo DB Collection
– Export Collection MongoDB
– Add Create database and Collection to MongoDB Top menu
– Added data migration for DBHawk upgrade
– Change License Screen
– Fix to format for Redshift DDL SQL
– Log all Admin activities
– Improve import job
– Add Null Value for Export
– Apply max recursive limit on MongoDB doc
– Improve MongoDB search screen
– Reset button enhancements
– Improve import Excel data flow
– Fix various issues with Import and Job
– Export table/view data
– Add Password Verification with new DBHawk user creation
– Need improvement on 2FA screen
– Add NULL option for CSV and excel export
– Upgrade MongoDB JDBC driver
– Update email notification text
– MongoDB: Connect to MongoDB Atlas
– Prevent last admin user to make it inactive or expired login
– By default, batch insert to 1 on import
– Change mongo search screen as DB filter screen
– Improve New connection box
– Display an only Type without whole class
– Use tomcat 8.5.23 for DBHawk tomcat build
– Change default tomcat port to 8080
– Change status info window fonts
Bug Fixes
– AdminPanel – Email settings: fields “Port” and “Email for a test” are not validated.
– Converting strings to lower cases
– For “time with time zone” datatype incorrect data inserts for “today” [Postgres DB] – Fixed issues with Redshift SQL Query builder
– Fixed various issues with SQL Query builder
– Allow deleting DBHawk user and group
– DBHawk creates job and reports for table which user does not have access
– Need export as xlsx -excel for all databases
– Cannot update import job
– Postgres database needs case sensitivity solution
– MSSQL create new schema refresh issue
– Geometry & Geography data type mssql issues with DDL
– Commented Query With Parameters still asks for value
– Dashboard grid shows different data
– While applying ACL or doing any other operation with DBHawk database – session expires
– Query Builder is not working with group by sort
– Fix data grid for MongoDB
– Oracle missed tools menu after mongodb connection
– Teradata getting tables columns information from dbc column
– Various Issue with Access Logs
– MongoDB Date is not working
– Teradata: database is not showing up in drop-down in case of upper case
– After logging to MongoDB the Tools menu is disappeared
– DBHawk is not allowing user to log in when there is no connection assigned to the user
– MongoDB: Connection Successful but host is invalid
– MongoDB: Performance issues
– DBHawk cannot insert/select/update/delete MSSQL special columns
– Deleting and updating dashboard gives NLP
– Line chart and other charts issues
– Issue with mssql text data type
– Mysql does not allow to view text Data
– Dashboard password and share issues
– maximumRecordsMongo config changes requires server restart
– Screen issue with mongo DB
– Exception should be not logged in access log or SQL log
– Session expire handling – MongoDB
– Fix MySQL tinyint export value issue
– Issue with displaying Stored Proc code with SQL Server database
– MongoDB data with URL or HTML links
– Disable reset button in stored programs
– Remove first-row json link from MongoDB execute window results
– Issue with import Job window
– While exporting query results – it exports with null name
– MySQL Issue with encloser
– When try to update varchar2 on Postgres, hsqldb – getting unparsable date error
– Issue with ACL changing group

DBHawk 4.0.2 Release – October 31, 2017

-Fixed issue with SQL Server text data type – it was truncating characters.
-Fixed problems with SQL Server stored programs. The Large procedure is not visible.

DBHawk 4.0.1 Release – October 17, 2017
New Features/Improvement

-Fixed issue with user login when there is no data source assigned to the user
-Fixed issues with SQL Server database – Now all SQL queries will use enclosed brackets for database, table names, column names to handle special characters – []

DBHawk 4.0.0 Release – September 18, 2017
New Features/Improvement

-New user authentication mechanism
With DBHawk 4.0 now there is a notion of DBHawk users
Now, DBHawk supports 2 user roles. Admin and Regular User.
With this, now giving access to end users is secured and Admins do not have to share database username and password
-2FA Authentication – Now DBHawk users can be allowed to use 2FA authentication for secured database access
-Improved LDAP Integration
-Added support for Redshift, Greenplum databases
– Supporting access control for Oracle, Microsoft, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, Greenplum databases
– Enhanced Import and Export data features. Made Import data feature robust to deal with various errors while loading data. Also, fixed Import Job issues for import data automation.
– Developed new SQL Collaboration feature to share SQL with the group or users
– AWS S3 Storage – Now users can import/export data from AWS S3
– Enhanced SQL Reports and Jobs
– Added new audit logging for all DBHawk admin activities
– Added new APIs to manage database access, create users, row level filter
– Fixed various bugs and issues

DBHawk 3.3.3 Release – July 14, 2017
New Features/Improvement

-Fixed issue with the Query Builder
-Updated DBHawk EULA

DBHawk 3.3.2 Release – July 12, 2017
New Features/Improvement

-Added support for Redshift jdbc jar file. Now it is included with the build
-Updated DBHawk EULA

Bug Fixes

-Fixed SSO issue when header does not match with the setup header.
-Fix for usergroup and database authentication. Now user will see only connection assigned to the group
-Fixed wrong query issue with Query Builder
-Fixed various issues with Redshift

DBHawk 3.2.1 Release – May 9, 2017
New Features/Improvement

-Added a new Single Sign-On(SSO) feature to use DBHawk with external authentication
-Added feature to configure DBHawk to use AES-256 encryption
-Added a new Access Control Policy to manage database object access
-Adopted Semantic Versioning scheme to make it easy for customers
-Added more details on the Connection Information screen to display including current build version
-DBHawk reports/jobs/snippets/dashboards separated by User/Database
-On DBHawk snippet allowed edit query should be only enabled if Show Query is enabled.
-Added new max column configuration to restrict number of columns display on the table data grid
-Added new configuration to move DBHawk database to outside war file

Bug Fixes

-Chained forwarders in X-Forwarded-For was not working with multiple IP addresses
-Multiple SLF4J bindings – DBHawk
-JEE specification jars should not be included in WAR files – Removed extra jars files from the included war files
-MySQL database name with space – DBHawk was showing error while accessing database name with space
-Fixed various LDAP integration issues and error messages. Also fixed workflow with license activation