DBHawk Release Notes

Table of Contents

DBHawk 6.6.5 Release –  May 29, 2024

New Features

-Add MySQL dump utility to export all databases objects with data

-Add charts export data feature on each chart and also allow to display parameters drop down for dashboard
-Add pivot table capability for end users on the snippet data grid
-Add retry job feature while job fails to execute


-Fix issue while job module is not connecting, report generation goes into loop
-Fix various modal windows and UI issues
-Add date and number formatting on Visual Query Builder
-Allow and run repetitive job to new scheduled time
-Add Cancel button on long running import
-Fix Snowflake database connectivity with Java 17
-Fix Redshift parameters displaying as numbers
-Add support for substr and instr functions with Oracle database with ACL
-Replace icons


-MySQL displaying invalid data for tinytext data types
-MySQL Index with composite key is showing error
-PostgreSQL display error when Table Export to CSV
-Export feature is not working for SAP Hana Database
-Data import with different separator is not working.
-Wrong menu for Snowflake and Databricks databases
-Getting corrupted Image(QR Code) while login with 2FA user
-Wrong warning message on info on oracle
-SAML users cannot save profile. Getting NLP and not allowing to change profile
-Allow LDAP integration to connect to the group without case restrictions

DBHawk 6.6.4 Release –  April 1, 2024

New Features

-Add new API to get existing ACL policy by name

-New API to remove list of users from the group

-Add new API call to add azure active directory settings

-When importing SQL queries on SQL editor,  add an option to share imported queries with the group

-Allow to export data only with selected columns

-Add support for MongoDB Views


-Upgrade Tomcat version to the latest release to remove various vulnerabilities

-Do not run Job automatically when updating SQL or any other properties on the existing job

-Allow SAML SSO user to import with a default different role

-Edit row on table that have no Primary Key for Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL databases

-Allow to bulk delete selected groups

-Various improvements with Visual Query Builder

-Display Foreign Key column name in the constraints

-Improve large export data issues

-Sort groups on user screen in alphabetical order

-Change csv export option to display to zip or not to zip output

-Support DB2 database connection with SSL


-DBHawk does not detect correct PK and FK with Visual Query Builder and SQL Query Builder

-Visual Query Builder is not showing all columns on Summarize Data

-Drop table with Cassandra gives timeout error

-DB2 is not working with fetch data size

-DBHawk updates user profile and theme based on shared dashboard profile

-DB2 public schema table shows up in another schema

-With visual query builder, custom formula column is giving error while trying to use with summarize data

-Group by on data grid not working

-Save query with override is not working and giving null error

DBHawk 6.6.3 Release –  December 22, 2023

New Features

-Allow to delete job execution history on the Admin screen
-Allow users to upload csv files to the their file manager
-Allow to share SQL query results with another user as a CSV results with export
-Add a feature on Table data browser to view data with the foreign key

-Allow Admin to run any jobs from the Admin job screen
-Add a feature to configure and display license expiring warning on the admin screen 
-On DBHawk V2 API add missing azureAdAuth and autocommit properties on the datasource 

-While Duplicating Job - End At field is Disable


-Change background color for SQL Query Builder for dark theme

- Add support for NOT EXISTS and SIGN functions with Oracle ACL

-Add database field on PGSQL connection screen for a new connection and update connection

-Add filter on file manager files

-Develop a feature to store Job success/failure details into the database when it cannot send email notifications

-Add Subkey ID field for PGP encryption for jobs dialogs.

-All charts, dashboards, snippets should show latest on the top

-To improve the job history screen performance for each database job history, load only Active jobs by default

-Fix various issues with Snowflake database

-Add file size/number of rows as well as file name on the notification emails for when a job is successful

-Disable IP address lock feature by default 

-Allow LDAP settings search for groups outside the user search path

-Allow DB2 database auto commit value to change on the database connection

-Add a cancel button on new connection screen

-When Show Login Box is enabled, allow to pass database username and password to the  runSQL API call

-Arrange all menu items in the alphabetical order for DBHawk Setting

-Add new V2 API to add connection to the group

- Add new V2 API to remove connection from the group
-Improve API logs to make sure whenever possible user name and db user name information is logged
-Improve data grid on the dark theme
-Improve users and groups search with wildcard
-Print Log message when user create ACL via API in the log file

-While Duplicating Job - End At field is Disable
-DBHawk Setting screen section is not visible with the dark theme
-Databricks queries does not run without providing full schema name and catalog name
-SQL Query Builder wrong behavior with multiple drag and drops of same table
-Pagination: Sequence getting started with 1 from next page
-Export to JSON for Oracle is giving error
-Autocomplete is not showing all column names
-Job Pop up not getting closed when moved to File Manager Screen
-Oracle DDL fails when the table name has special characters like . in the name
-DBHawk is not allowing to insert or duplicate rows with identity column for SQL Server database
-DB2 export as insert statement is not working when filter applied
-Do not allow to change auto commit for redshift database
-Redshift is throwing error when custom domain name is used for endpoint
-Fix various issues with Dynamodb
-Missing session id log information for file downloads
-When DBHawk cannot read the license file in dbhawk_data folder, it throws code error
-DBHawk allows to upload files with special characters


-Enhance DBHawk security to make sure all access controls are implemented with the server-side. This will not allow any unauthorized access to databases, groups, or any other features

-Fix various DBHawk settings on the setting screen and other places to prevent XSS
-While 4xx or 5xx error occurs, do not reveal server details

DBHawk 6.6.2 Release –  September 14, 2023

New Features

- Support dbhawk config with customer database - MySQL

- Display PK information on Data edit, new row sceen

- Support materialized views with PGSQL

- Add a feature to get the list of blocked IP address and also allow to add or remove IP address from the list with V2 API


- DBHawk load datasources, users, user groups very slow with many ACL policies

- Change cron job to not to run for less than minimum time setting

- Allow Datasource search with Datasource name and label name both

- MySQL and other databases batch import does not show how many records has been inserted

- Provide feature to hide pg_temp schema for PostgreSQL  and Redshift databases

- Fix various critical dependencies 

- Allow job history to display all job including the one which has no history also

- Add filter bar on table data viewer-Add alert on the data/structure modifications buttons

- Flag tab with uncommitted results

- Oracle Package Bodies management to see list of functions included in the package body with a link to it

- Add information about job is compressed or encrypted on the job screen

- Import job does not show what database table its importing data

- Allow to copy cell value from the result data grid 

- Display length of varchar column on edit and add new row screen for PostgreSQL


- Procedure/Functions with same name but with different parameters do not load correctly 
- DBHawk job is not running for CSV/PDF/TEXT for Databricks connection
- With databricks jobs, it produced wrong output
- MySQL show login box connection is not working with the secret manager
- DBHawk settings screen allows to change value such a way that it can become boolean values
- Export PDF is not working with chinese characters
- Job Log writing whole exception stack error in the Job Logs
- Import: S3 - Unable to Import Job with Developer User Type
- Password policy not applied on Profile screen
- MySQL Is giving bad SQL grammar  error
- API: Implement/Add lock property on Create/Update and Get User API
- PostgreSQL XML value truncated on the edit screen window-PostgreSQL Sequence wrong validation
- PostgreSQL View data is giving error with data
- PostgreSQL Insert/Edit screen shows wrong  values for XML record
- PostgreSQL Export JSON is giving wrong output
- PostgreSQL all indexes are not listed
- PostgreSQL shows duplicate constraints
- PostgreSQL shows Wrong constraint name
- Type of constraint is missing on PostgreSQL create new constraint screen
- PostgreSQL missing various data types on create table screen
- Add a checkbox to create a view as Materialized view on a PostgreSQL screen
- PostgreSQL Create procedure errors
- PostgreSQL Function is located under Procedures
- PostgreSQL Materialized view indexes are missing
- PostgreSQL Trigger exists but not listed in menu Triggers
- PostgreSQL create new procedure screen is not working
- PostgreSQL create new function screen is not working
- Allow window functions for schema with ACL with Oracle database
- PostgreSQL create trigger screen is not working

DBHawk 6.6.1 Release –  July 24, 2023

New Features

- Allow to deliver jobs output files with encryption

- Allow to delete user with API whose last activity is older than 30 days

- MongoDB: add export button for filtered collection

- Allow ACL to do the subquery


- Add a cancel button on the LDAP test screen to cancel the operation
- When there is another SQL and running explain plan with the selected SQL, it does not work
- Display latest report on the top
- Logout Redirection for HTTP User
- Allow users to view shared snippet SQL
- Turn on auto complete SQL for databases connection with ACL
- Display joins for PostgreSQL databases with SQL Query Builder
- Add refresh button on all PostgreSQL sequence screen to get the latest values from database
- Rename maximum records label to maximum rows
- Increase panel width in Enable/Disable Constraints/Triggers


 Databricks shows default schema 2 times
- MongoDB atlas connection shows JDBC URL text and do not allow to test database connection
- Fix various issues with date only and date with timeStamps data types
- User id is missing in SQL query log
- MongoDB Atlas: Unable to Create Duplicate Connection
- Postgres update insert boolean value is not working
- If User run manually job before the next run, next run value getting blank
- Change commit message for auto commit connections
- For duplicate jobs, in the backend database - it is not writing a copy with encrypted SQL
- When multiple SQL and User click execute at cursor and click on Explain Plan, it is not working
- MongoDB Import of large data failed
- PostgreSQL Date Data Type values are lost after update
- Table data still shows lot of space between header and data
- Applied filter condition is no more displayed in the Filter popup
- While editing data through edit data window, it's not showing correct data format based on the DBHawk setting screen
- With different date and time settings, DBHawk is not allowing to insert new data in the MySQL database
- Row count with Oracle table name with mix case is not working
- Oracle create view has a different preview SQL value and cause SQL to fail
- PostgreSQL sequence current value always display 1 and does not display correct values
- ACL is not allowing to call function within Oracle package
- Create job button is not visible on a small screen
- PostgreSQL is not showing PK and FK for some users due to permission issues
- PostgreSQL Text Data Type values are lost after update
- Oracle Line update raises a blocking error when decimal values are separated by comma
- Mozilla browser is not showing X close button and other things on the light theme
- DBHawk displays wrong data with SQL Editor for Azure or SQL Server
- PostgreSQL connection info has some extra white space
- MySQL database data corruption after update -empty values replaced by NULL values
- Problem with columns that use reserved keywords
- Display NULL values for edit and new screen with (NULL) placeholder
- MySQL database problem with export insert for text data type
- Zip file and gz files with password is not working

DBHawk 6.6.0 Release –  June 9, 2023

New Features

- Add Google Cloud Secret Manager integration

-Add a copy/duplicate job feature

-Add end time for the DBHawk jobs

-Add runSQL API support for all databases


-Make Candlestick type Required
-Fix Explain Plan screen 
-When there is another SQL and when we run Explain plan with the selected SQL, it does not work
-With ACL SQL query is sometimes not working when there is no ; at the end
-Increase the LDAP Filter and SAML group filter character limit to 4000
-RO and ACL icons are missing while trying to choose ACL Connection
-DBHawk job shows status running when DBHawk is stopped while running
-Remove test data source api
-Fix databricks connection with new driver
-Allow to choose date format option for DBHawk report


-Some Version 1 APIs are not working with tomcat9 Java 8version
-SQLRunner is not working with the latest 6.5.8 Mail Libs
-Fix console error with MongoDB
-Issue with Oracle Date format
-DBHawk job is not allowing to store more than 7 or 8 emails
-Oracle create procedure is not working as expected
-SQLRunner is not running with Java 17
-Mongodb Atlas is not working now
-MySQL is not displaying values and displaying as a wrong data type
-Some complex queries with Oracle database is not working with ACL
-Azure AD is giving error
-When you create a new group with Data source it is not adding a default flag
-DBHawk create job button is not displayed on the small screen

DBHawk 6.5.9 Release –  May 1, 2023

New Features

- Add a new security policy to enforce password strictness

-Create a new API which will only allow DBHawk administrator to run SQL queries

-Support for secure DBHawk metadata SSL connection


-Allow xlsx-report result with multiple queries on each excel sheet
-Add Swagger API URL on API Screen
-Add group filter on SAML settings
-Change auto generate password method to support DBHawk new password policy
-Chnage DBHawk native user to SAML user when user login with same username using SAML
-Change link color on the dark theme to white
-Change SAML label for login to SSO
-Oracle call procedure function missing schema name
-Add select statement with Oracle view
-With Expose API data with PLSQL code run for Oracle add checkbox to run it with DBMS_OUTPUT
-Allow Oracle PLSQL Functions and Procedures to run with ACL
-API access should be restricted to the users who created API and the connection they have access to
-When connection is read only, allow only SELECT statement with API


-MySql: Decimal (dataType-Double) values are not displayed on DbHawk
-DBHawk is not showing correct group label on Edit user group screen
-Empty job is still returning results
-With API creating new user group should have default value = Y for the active flag
-When show login box is enabled on datasource and when login to connection, it logs wrong information for userid
-When you try to format query with column name = record#, it adds space between record and #
-DBHawk adds extra quotes into SQL Log file
-ACL Does not allow to revoke whole schema
-When Authenticate with API, it's not logging user id
-DBHawk does not create backup database with HSQLDB SSL Connection

DBHawk 6.5.8 Release –  March 23, 2023

New Features

- Add new V2 API to test connection with SQL

- Provide a feature for Redshift database to not to change default search path

- Create new UI to manage DBHawk V2 API tokens and other details

- Develop a feature to get database password from the AWS Secret Manager and Azure Key Vault

- Add Swagger support for V2 API

- Add new log file to log API call details

- Add Funnel. Histogram, Candlestick new charts support

- Add Dark/Light Icon and change profile based on that

- New feature to Lock DBHawk account access with wrong passwords or usernames attempts

- Allow SQL Server Azure database to connect with Azure Active Directory credentials with two factor authentication


-Remove alert job type from jobs
- Query-Builder: how to change relation/join settings again
- Improved PDF generation with the report and also with the export data
- When user click on run job now, open Job history screen after clicking on the button
- On add ACL screen connections apply case sensitivity
- Add fetch data features for all databases
- When SAML private key is stored and checkbox is checked, maintain that key value while upgrading other values
- Remove DB2 connection type and use generic type instead
- When running Oracle proc or function with the parameter screen, display status message
- Allow user to expire by time instead of date
- Allow Oracle aggregate functions with ACL
- Add number of records that were produced with each job run
- Allow DBHawk to use Public Synonym for the DS_PLAN_TABLE
- Support for AWS athena tables and views
- All v2 API must be accessible by only admin role users


- While importing users with SAML or AD, DBHawk should check the existing local user for duplication
- Oracle ACL is not allowing to select more than 1000 objects - and throwing Oracle ERROR ora-01795-maximum-number-of-expressions-in-a-list
- Report is truncating column names in a output file
- Search on ACL Objects screen is not working as expected
- Column shifting issue at the end with many rows and columns of data

DBHawk 6.5.6 Release –  December 20, 2022


- When downloading multiple files from the File Manager, log each file name
- When authentication is uncheck on email, remove entered username and password
- DBHawk Cron jobs are not running at the desired scheduled time
- Allow Insert with SELECT statement with ACL
- Upgrade various java libraries based on recent Java Vulnerability scan
- Add a feature to cancel long running job
- Add Search, Filter and pagination on the Job Scheduler screen
- Memory consumption optimization for Job export to PDF functionality.
- Add the filename on the log message for the job
- Oracle with large data set query taking long time on Windows - Add Fetch rows on the database connection
- For Oracle explain Plan table various changes


- Fix Import Data Issues
- SQL Server generate DDL does not work with different collation
- DBHawk Single row viewer on SQL Editor results stopped working
- DBHawk jobs are not working when SQL has comment in it
- Error while viewing MongoDB Data
- SQL Editor window resize issue
- Report preview is not working
- SFTP job is not clearing files from the temp directory
- When you update query on the job screen, it is not closing the window
- Cron job it is not showing correct details on the admin job history screen
- Cron job is not running on First Run time or Scheduled Time
- Explain plan is not  working for SQL Server database
- Customer cannot access any tables in PGSQL databases when database name is with the mix case
- Sort on the job history screen is not working when filter is applied
- SFTP job is not working with the zip file

New Feature

- Connect to SQL Azure Using Active Directory Authentication
- Add username password window for ACL
- Add Display of Sequences for SQL Server database
- Explain Plan enhancement for SQL Server
- Allow DBHawk to communicate and encrypt/decrypt SAML response with IDP via private X509 cert
- Provide feature to name a job output file and also the report output file
- Allow CSV and Txt output job files to choose various settings for the data
- Add Cron job expression validation for Cron Jobs
- Add option to run any job manually with new button called Run Now
- Allow SQL Editor to show multiple results in a horizontal tabs
- Add deleteGroup API
- When there is no data found for the job query, do not send empty files by email or sftp

DBHawk 6.5.5 Release –  October 17, 2022


-Do not allow to kill session or stop query on the PostgreSQL read only connection -      session manager screen
- Upgrade SQL Runner spring libs for CVE 2022-2950
- PostgreSQL is missing column type details on the edit/insert row screen
- Change post deleteACL to DELETE acl API
- On PostgreSQL Constraint screen, reference table name is missing for FK details
- When connected to database, on the tab title - add DBHawk database name
- Add partition details for the PostgreSQL tables
- SQL Server DDL is missing constraint name
- Fix PostgreSQL Session information with correct setup during connection
- Fix DDL For PostgreSQL
- Allow to download multiple files from the file manager
- Show log files with sort by date
- Change order for Job Start and End Time and description in DBHawk settings screen
- Support for SQL Runner with Oracle Data Guard connection
- When for some reason job creation does not work, display message to the user
- Job Logs improvement Merge dbhawk_job_log and dbhawk_job_sql.log files to only     one file name: dbhawk_job.log


- PostgreSQL ACL is broken with new tables changes
- Redshift query jdbc error message String out of range error
- DBHawk Create User auto generated password is not sending email
- PostgreSQL data duplicate is not working
- When DBHawk connection details are wrong, it goes into infinite loop and prevent     DBHawk to access other screens
- PostgreSQL SQL Format is not correct
- SQL Server Dependencies are not listed
- With latest PostgreSQL 14.5-1.pgdg18.04 - Sequence is not working
- SQL Server DDL is missing the foreign key constraint and also the cluster-keyword     for the primary-key is missing
- For SQL Azure DDL shows all columns will be generated as Nullable
- DBHawk is not showing full explain plan for SQL Server
- Cannot edit sql server date fields
- SQL Runner is not setting correct user through ALTER SCHEMA
- When email setting has a wrong password, it gives NLP error
- SQLRunner not showing correct error when issue connecting with the Oracle database
- DBHawk max rows and default rows logic does not work when try to upgrade both records at the same time
- Import job is not working - Getting error about directory does not exists even though directory is there
- DBHawk Import job is causing all jobs to disappear
- Header and results are not aligning with zoom or under zoom

New Feature

-Job Scheduler need a new option to save output file  FORMAT as a .txt
- Add select SQL and comment out feature on SQL Editor
- Add Referentials feature for SQL Server
- Add new API to get single connection details
- Add new API to get single group details
- Develop an API to delete a single user group
- Develop and API to remove user/users from the single group
- Add get API to display all details for the DBHawk user
- Add new API to list only DBHawk usernames
- Add delete ACL API
- Add new API to get one ACL policy details
- Add new API to create new ACL policy
- Create a new API to add users to the group
- Add button to run explain plan on PostgreSQL session manager SQL
- Add PostgreSQL version information in Connection Info Screen
- Add parameters screen for Postgres
- Allow jobs export to set delimiter for CSV export
- CSV export to file manager

DBHawk 6.5.4 Release –  August 4, 2022


-DBHawk is not supporting SQL Server Case Sensitive databases
-Display read only or Oracle error warning for PL SQL run call
-Display production environment name with rectangle border with the color as per the settings
-On the File Manager change the job output directory label to data (jobs)
-Change job error message when job run successfully but email fails
-Upgrade netty-codec library
-Remove or upgrade jackson data bind lib reference from htrace-core.jar file
-DBHawk stores license on dbhawk/conf/ folder with connection to a remote db
-Add Oracle to connect with the JDBC String to support Oracle Data Guard connection
-Name dashboard and snippet export file name with the dashboard name and snippet name


-Encoding issue with upload SQL File
-Error viewing external Redshift tables
-DBHawk Code formatter is not working for Oracle PL SQL Code
-Oracle stored program wrong code formatting causing status to invalid
-Oracle procedure and functions must use arguments from dba_arguments with object id
-Create or replace with Oracle should work with next line or any other combinations
-Certificate on SAML should be a required field
-Snippet and other data export must enforce maximum rows limit
-New data source connection to the new group gives 500 error
-With load more packages and package body is not working for oracle
-With load more stored programs, it is not displaying the code
-Scrolling does not work on stored programs sometimes and code format is different than what is stored in database
-Getting Blank Index dialog box with Oracle index

DBHawk 6.5.3 Release –  June 3, 2022

New Feature

-Add Oracle Data Guard connection capability


-Allow to edit run once job
-MongoDB Collection names sort with alphanumeric
-When search user on users screen, trim the entered text
-Move logo file location for report to report directory
-Display Redshift table column comments on column information tab


-Snowflake connection is not working
-When DBHawk is running with remote DB, it stores license file in a conf directory
-With SET_CATALOG_ROLE replace ALL_ with DBA_ and display missing details for all oracle objects

DBHawk 6.5.2 Release –  May 10, 2022

New Feature

– Add explain and explain analyze for postgres

– Develop PGSQL Lock Monitoring

– Develop session monitoring for PGSQL

– Develop a screen to run Oracle stored procedure and function

– Set various settings for Group to override default settings

– PostgreSQL JDBC Driver Vulnerability \(CVE-2022-21724\)
– Add SAML Cert verification during SAML creation or update
– Various Netezza fixes
– When Job Module is not working due to some url or other issues, do not allow to create job at the first place
– Upgrade spring libraries
– Upgrade Xtream library
– Display default folder on the right side on the File Manager
– Allow to edit queries while Query is Running
– jQuery and Bootstrap upgrades
– Save dashboard file with Dashboard name

– Add job id in Job log files

– DBHawk job with password zip file does not allow you to change the password

– Save SQL \(Create Table SQL\) Name as SchemaName.sql

– Reports that have multiple queries, allow to change the order of the queries

– Dashboards – use the parameters specified in the queries associated with the charts.

– Saving My Queries sometimes gives Error:500
– Oracle functions procedures and packages are not displayed for other users
– MongoDB is not able to import some collections and giving 500 errors
– Job is not deleting after deleting some jobs
– Referentials dialog box is not opening
– "Insert statement"  has minor syntax error
– Commented row is not grayed out for MySQL

DBHawk 6.5.1 Release –  March 29, 2022

– SQL Editor - Copy cells results from the Grid and allow to paste on Excel
– SQL Editor -Copy Results with CTRL C
– SQL Editor -Allow Shift+tab to reverse tab
– Change tab behaviour on SQL Editor for multiple lines
– SQL Editor Scrolling Jumping the cursor
– Display Total rows with filter on the table data
– Export-Import Logger Improvement
– Allow Oracle DDL to include all table details
– When error with job, still show SQL in log message

– MySQL: Table Data Export\(html\) with Special Characters is not working
– Redshift object browser, if you attempt to select a stored procedure and view the definition, DBHawk will display an error. This is happening with same procedure or function name but different parameters
– Snippet export is not working with Redshift
– Multiple SLF4J: Class path contains multiple SLF4J bindings causing error

DBHawk 6.5.0 Release –  March 2, 2022

New Feature

– Allow to generate DDL for oracle table with grants, triggers, constraints - all in one

– Allow job to automatically store data under S3 bucket

– Dashboards – Support dashboard with the parameters

– Improve Job history search with ID and other search
– Allow Multiple Emails in Job
– Change db logs order by desc date
– Change log4j properties file for db logs
– Log Message should be Implemented for Share query Functionality
– Inappropriate validation message displayed \(While creating Duplicate Name UserGroup)\
– Pagination in Manage User Group Page
– Remove unnecessary directory setting from SQL Runner setting screen
– When DB Is read only, do not allow SQL Runner utility to run insert/update/delete/truncate SQL
– Job log should capture actual report error

– Report TabName is Static\(report5\)

– Job Scheduler screen is taking a long time to load

– Oracle: Explain Plan is not working with commented Where clause in a SQL
– DBHawk shows tables from other schema for MSSQL
– Query Builder is adding extra space for various databases such as MSSQL, MySQL Etc.
– Multiple email address causing job to stuck
– Snowflake Query Builder is not working
– Load More objects is not working in certain cases
– Upload file is throwing error on the console

– Faded Pagination displayed in DBLogs

– Connection Search is not cleared

– ACL Is not allowing Subquery

– Oracle create user password with special character is not working

– Mask data acl should not allow to use WHERE clause when query does not return results

DBHawk 6.4.9 Release – February 1, 2022

– LDAP Apply filter on the group while importing users
– Update log4 libs to the latest version - Log4j 2.17.1
– When job is paused or restarted, log events

– User cannot see all his saved query

DBHawk 6.4.8 Release – December 17, 2021

– Display user role information on the profile screen
– Various Query Manager enhancements - Added lazy lading, Excel import export for saved queries
– Change Job Owner change UI
– Rename SQLPLUS utility to SQLRunner
– Email setup should not depend on a Job module
– Support SQL Runner settings with DBHawk
– Add delivery column on the main admin Job History screen

– While changing Job Owner for the job with the report, it's not changing owner for the report
– When Email setting is open and clicking on the Profile update button, it shows Login Error
– CSV Export is not exporting all data for Redshift
– Missing S3 in s3 job notification
– Alias is not working with ACL when alias name is with / e.g  percentage/investment

DBHawk 6.4.6 Release – November 12, 2021

New Feature

– Allow Admin to change job owner from the Admin Job Execution History Screen

– On Admin Job History screen add new features to do various search with the filter

– Allow to display DBHawk environment - Customer should be able to name the DBHawk environment and also change login box color to distinguish environment

– Add search group feature 

– Tag value is missing in DBHawk table log grid
– Reduce edit and new row max height to 70% -
– MySQL Text column needs to provide accessing data with the text area while accessing with SQL Editor
– LDAP Enhancements - Allow LDAP without auto sync to avoid importing many groups. Also add a feature to apply 2FA for all imported LDAP users.
– Provide support for MySQL JSON data type
– Close connection should release DBHawk temp cached files
– Change dateFormat label to date with time format
– DBHawk is not able to load UTF-16 LE and other file formats. Add auto detect file format feature to load various files with different format
– Test and fix DBHawk connectivity with MongoDB 4.4
– Improve DBHawk settings screen - Create various settings groups to make settings screen easy to work with

– Show query for failed jobs on Job history for reports - customer

– LDAP User Job is not working
– Job history is not working due to some special character issues
– Duplicate label is causing ACL issues
– License Expire screen is not working
– Export data with NULL adds extra quotes
– While exporting more than million rows on Redshift as excel, it gives memory error
– Logging import job SQL

DBHawk 6.4.5 Release – September 24, 2021

New Feature

– Add compress job output and password protect feature

– Allow to export job data to S3 

– Add Job ID to the job screen and history screen
– For Redshift export, do not run query twice
– Set default database to DBO for MSSQL
– Implement  ‘dateFormat’ and ‘dateOnlyFormat’ settings for Redshift and PostgreSQL
– Set the default database on a create login to master
– Add new DBHawk setting for S3 root bucket
– Result pane is not adjusting height when you move the size
– Improve main login screen
– Implement same changes as SQLCMD for SQLPLUS Also
– Name backup file with DBHawk and database version

– Job with create table as select from other tables is not working
– Alias with _ (under score) is not working with ACL
– When open a SQL Editor and click on Object resize window - it messes up the screen
– Postgres Export Insert functionality is not working
– Incomplete Data in Exported file \(HTML\) \(schema/after query execution\) for Postgre DB
– Unable to open Exported file \(Export XLSX \)\(schema/after query execution\) for Postgre DB
– File manager access is showing local IP
– Cannot access link for some jobs
– MSSQL Import is failing for table with $ sign in a name
– Max rows is not correct for T-SQL or insert into  statement
– User login roles is not selecting correct database
– Single statement parsing issue with SQL Server
– When job fails, it does not show next run
– Job history from admin screen not showing any history for the first time
– Report is not working with data type year
– Teradata load more is not working
– MySQL displaying wrong time in timestamp column with report

DBHawk 6.4.3 Release – August 9, 2021

New Feature
– Automatically purge old job history for Admin User
– Allow to update user without any group
– Create a UI to show users for the group and also allow to remove users from the group
– Add Show SQL on Logins create and update screen for SQL Server
– Add Show SQL On Create and Update MSSQL users

-Do not allow to delete log and backup files from the admin screen
– Allow group without any datasource
– SQL Server logins create and update is not working for SQL Server version 2008 R2
– Update the Error Message when user tries to input invalid username and password

– Redshift import is not working as expected
– ACL on MSSQL allows to display view names even there is no access
– Connection timeout on some db connection cause other connection in wait mode
– When try to clone datasource and datasource with name already exists – give proper name warning to user
– MySQL Report date is wrong
– Load more is not checking ACL and displaying all tables

DBHawk 6.4.1 Release – July 12, 2021

New Feature
– Develop SQL Runner utility for SQL Server
– Add query tag column to db logs -SQL Server
– Job History screen for Admin
– Add new setting flag for enable disable API
– Snippets with another snippet as parameters

– Add support for Various T-SQL Commands for SQL Server
– Change file manager files sorting
– Improvements for SQLCMD utility output
– Various improvements to SQLPLUSRunner utility for SQLCMD and SQLPLUS
– Add 2 new icons for groups and SAML on Admin home screen
– Allow users to delete data from File Manager
– Move User Query History and Saved Query details to the database
– Add elapsed time, data source name to job history
– SQL background utility logging
– Change DBHawk backup with dropdown values
– Set SAML ACS url based on DBHawk hostname
– Move Job Notification Fields to below Internal
– Add Sign in with SAML login display on the main screen when SAML is enabled
– Allow Oracle built in functions with ACL query
– SAP-HANA add limit to display tables

– DBHawk error when DB is integer with auto generated SELECT
– Okta user with a long group name is not showing group name error
– Save query is not working for DynamoDB
– DBHawk is not supporting us-east-2 for DynamoDB
– MSSQL Error with database name as integer values
– MySQL is not allowing to update records with composite PK
– PostgreSQL data import is not working as expected
– Incorrect sql syntax in MSSQL
– Hide Insert Statement and Update Statement for Analyst User
– DBHawk upgrade with ACL is not setting default value for export caused NLP

DBHawk 6.3.0 Release – May 24, 2021

New Feature
-Add new flag in settings to use single stmt parser for sql server
-New DBHawk setting for enable/disable File Manager
-Add logging for file manager activities
-Customer -Add query tagging feature – only for SQL Server
-Add User directory manager and file sharing
-Develop Job History page to display job run status with log details for each execution

-Need SQL Server parser changes to allow multiple SQL statements for SQL Server
-Applying encryption key logic when updating DBHawk with SQL changes
-Job notification – Add for job success and failure 
-Job or report should not send empty files in email
-Allow option to disable import csv with ACL
-SAML Override group changes
-SAML integration improvement for group claim
-Fix log file names and change size
-Restrict dashboard open access with the link
-Add Delete ALL on Saved Query
-Autocomplete should also add views
-When masked data makes connection read only – do not allow to remove read only on data source
-Allow to clear SQL Query History
-Do not change SQL Editor window height for each SQL Execution

-Adding masked column doesn’t make ACL connection read only
-Do not allow to use slash symbols / \\ in job names
-ACL Is not allowing to use brackets with the join condition
-MSSQL and other databases job edit is not working
-We should not allow to create same user with a different case
-ACL is not displaying Views when selected all objects for the schema
-Fix SAML setting changes log details
-Getting error 500 on view sql results
-DBHawk is not displaying Oracle package when spec is open
-DB Logs not saving logs with Oracle connection
-Autosuggestion deletes table name

DBHawk 6.2.0 Release – April 6, 2021

New Feature
– Add new API to update user
– Allow user to choose file encoding while uploading data
– Support Oracle BLOB data in SQL Editor with query
– Once ACL has applied on data source, display information on data source grid
– While running DBHawk upgrade. run DBHawk backup first
– Change DBHawk upgrade message
– Display Table comments
– Show datatype information on the results grid header

– Display ACL/Read Only on Connection tab
– Fix auto complete issues
– Change POST /api/point to POST /api/add-data source
– Create new api – post/api/remove-data source
– BLOB data display auto file detection
– Read write ACL does not allow insert update delete with SQL editor
– Monthly Schedule Job change to 30 days and also add label
– Add Commit and rollback command with RW ACL
– MSSQL SQL Parser changes to allow go to statement and also SQL statements without ;
– Remove un-used JS calls
– Save query as submitted

– DBHawk job schedule ignore repeat interval value
– SAML long group name auto import causing DBHawk to hang
– Display proper error message with SAML/LDAP Integration
– Job lock DBHawk while updating job details
– Fix DBMS_OUTPUT issue with a function call
– SQL History is not saving all queries
– Update is updating number of rows and displaying wrong number of rows updated
– Query with / getting saved automatically instead of saving as query history

DBHawk 6.1.0 Release – March 4, 2021

New Feature
– Allow to export and import users query
– Add search feature on User query history

– API Cleanup – API with default values
– Use upper case with Oracle create tables or new objects
– Allow receiving user to delete shared query
– Add timer while loading long raw data on Oracle

– Create User API Expire date is not working
– oracle Rowid column not working
– oracle object filter search is not working with lower case objects
– SAX lib upgrade causing issues

DBHawk 6.0.1 Release – February 23, 2021

New Feature
-AMI User fields for RDS and Redshift
– New role change with API
– Changes for Snippet
– Add create table screen feature for redshift
– Add new DBHawk User Role – Analyst
– New API to change group
– Add EDIT columns feature for Redshift

– Remove index from Redshift
– Not logging Oracle user creation
– Query Saving is very slow
– SQLPlus background utility should check user email address before submitting a job
– MongoDB not working with Jackson lib changes
– Update user email address with profile should not require user to logout and login back for the effect
– Allow to set logout page
– Create user API call for admin user with expire date
– Time display issue – Redshift database

– MongoDB SQL stopped working
– Export: XLSX export doesn’t work with MSSQL-Azure
– When deleting user, it should give user name warning
– DBHawk displays table name which should be not accessible with ACL
– Issues with Redshift UDFS
– Redshift timestamp columns are causing error
– LDAP is not working with new libs
– Unable create a report based job
– Save queries got overwritten by query history query
– Creating stored program with redshift issue -customer
– DBHawk cannot connect to LDAP and goes into infinite loop when cannot find login user’s group

DBHawk 5.6.0/5.7.0 Release – December 17, 2020

New Feature
– Add user query history
– Add Run vacuum analyze or other maintenance tasks by right clicking on the table or similar interface
– Add option to disable or copy all data with ACL
– Add SFTP to job
– Add AMI Users support for Redshift, Athena, DynamoDB
– Allow to store access and SQL logs in database tables
– Change max number of data source warning logic
– Add username attribute with SAML
– Fix sorting order for Redshift schema list
– Job module https access issue
– Disable local DB startup when remote DB is running
– Upgrade various libs as per the security scan report
– Auto import groups with dynamic flag for LDAP and SAML Integration
– ACL: snippets does not work if SQL disabled
– Permissions on ACL is not maintaining state while updating
– CSV Scheduler Job producing empty files

DBHawk 5.5.0 Release – September 14, 2020

New Feature/Improvement
– fix dark theme style for mask acl
– add ACL or some icon to indicate connection has Object Access control policy
– Add some indication to show DBHawk groups are LDAP groups
– Allow bulk delete on datasource screen as we have on users screen
– In-Active group
– Adding/Removing MSSQL Users
– Change max number of data source warning logic to warn before adding data source
– User default profile is not visible
– ACL: “Find objects” doesn’t work
– ACL: Catalog value is always empty in the list of ACL
– Report: Null message shown when opening query window. (ACL applied).
– ACL: Unable to change acl settings for Masked column
– When you update the group name – assigned group to user keeps the old name
– Redshift: Masked column of a table with space in name can be queried
– ACL: Masked column can be queried with WHERE clause
– Masked data is readable via sql column alias
– Managed to get masked data using Join
– Masked data can be retrieved using WHERE masked_column IN
– Masked data can be retrieved using column reference
– NULL values in masked columns ignored
– It doesn’t quote objects in SQL query in Oracle
– SELECT * FROM doesn’t work for Oracle connection with ACL
– Unable to mask view in Teradata
– Managed to use WHERE clause for a Job in MSSQL
– SQL SELECT doesn’t work with ACL
– Error while trying to change schema on MSSQL
– MSSQL SQL DDL generation missing columns
– Data source sorting on label give error
– When MongoDB Connection open – it times out other open connection
– Postgres. Masks. Empty values exported
– Mssql. Acl: Managed to write masked data into a table using SELECT INTO statement
– Various ACL Issues on build 5.5.0
– ACL: issue with “Grant All” option
– ACL Postgres: Row data window is empty for masked tables
– SAP: Query builder doesn’t work for views
– ACL: UI issue

DBHawk 5.4.0 Release – July 13, 2020

New Feature
-Support for Snowflake Database

-PUBLIC schema access with Oracle ACL
-ACL Permission does not allow to modify same job
-Issue with SAML User – Error while saving profile
-Describe on Oracle cause connection to run forever
-Allow LDAP to connect to the group without case restrictions
-Redshift: SQL query throws an error if ACL applied
-ACL: Can’t proceed to the next step in MSSQL if catalog wasn’t selected
-Commit button doesn’t work on the SQL Tab
-Snippets/Dashboard doesn’t work – Error with session
-Snowflake SQL editor is not using the current selected database

-Allow contains search on group datasource assignment
-Modify search on Datasource and Users screen from like to contain
-Change group Icon
-Give warning on MSSQL Login screens while locking/unlocking users
-New User screen on the MSSQL improvements
-Add load more on scrolling on Connect to database dropdown
-Add filter and sorting on the group screen
-Rename Manage DBHawk Users menu name to -> Manage Users & Groups
-Any database user creation with password must not log plain password text in a log file
-Redshift is not supporting spectrum schemas and tables

DBHawk 5.3.0 Release – May 4, 2020

New Feature
-Support for DynamoDB
-DBHawk Dark theme selection.
-Security Key Rotation

-Scheduler: “alert” Job type is not working
-SQL Query is not working without alias
-Presto SQL Query Builder is not working
-Remote database backup is not working
-Issue with the snippet security
-Fix average and other function display on Cassandra
-Chart title supports HTML tags
-Fix object access control policy for MSSQL
-Autocomplete on describe is throwing NLP
-Various API Issues
-Cannot Delete User
-Cannot delete data source – getting constraint error

-Enable Export All for Excel
-Create dynamic logo settings to address all themes
-Redshift auto-complete SQL is not working
-Add pagination and search to the users’ screen
-create search and pagination on data source screen
-Add search feature to connection and Users dropdown when there are so many connections
-Multiple groups with some group inactive
-Scheduler time change issue
-Allow Describe and Explain Plan on MySQL read-only DB
-Change connection drop-down filter condition to “contains” instead of “begin”

DBHawk 5.2.1 Release – February 10, 2020

New Feature
[DBHAWK2-900] – Add New themes
[DBHAWK2-905] – Add Vertica database support
[DBHAWK2-897] – QB with MySQL not working
[DBHAWK2-898] – MySQL Constraint is showing errors
[DBHAWK2-901] – Cassandra Table Data Issue with Map data type and column wrong order
[DBHAWK2-884] – When Data source information changed, add that information in dbhawk_user_activities.log file
[DBHAWK2-890] – About Screen

DBHawk 5.2.0 Release – February 3, 2020

New Feature
[DBHAWK2-860] – Allow admin user to login with only localhost
[DBHAWK2-878] – Upgrade DBHawk remote database automatically
[DBHAWK2-879] – Add SAML override group check

[DBHAWK2-776] – DBHawk Settings: “columnsNum” is not working.
[DBHAWK2-801] – Add support long password – for database authentication
[DBHAWK2-834] – Upload SQL adds * in start of the line
[DBHAWK2-842] – fix parameter issue
[DBHAWK2-845] – fix issue with hive
[DBHAWK2-851] – Add graph for SGA
[DBHAWK2-866] – API Issue
[DBHAWK2-880] – Presto is showing errors for some tables
[DBHAWK2-882] – Snippet is not working
[DBHAWK2-886] – Read only connection should not allow to insert, create or any other SQL except SELECT
[DBHAWK2-887] – Fix snippet max data rows
[DBHAWK2-889] – groups with same connection is causing error
[DBHAWK2-896] – snippet is not working in a new session

[DBHAWK2-802] – Verify support of IAM Auth Type for AWS RDS
[DBHAWK2-843] – Improve data masking to display stars only for the value
[DBHAWK2-850] – Fix data masking error
[DBHAWK2-874] – Improve 2FA
[DBHAWK2-891] – Fix ACL issue when you drop ACL connection

DBHawk 5.1.7 Release – January 19, 2020

New Feature
[DBHAWK2-854] – Allow DBHawk to use MySQL as its database
[DBHAWK2-852] – Teradata is showing NO PK – while PK is there
[DBHAWK2-853] – Teradata is throwing lot of errors
[DBHAWK2-864] – Impala -DBHawk get stuck if it cannot connect to the connection
[DBHAWK2-865] – Fix email pattern issue
[DBHAWK2-866] – API Issue
[DBHAWK2-876] – Fix log for read-only database access
[DBHAWK2-743] – Add last login tracking for all types of logins
[DBHAWK2-868] – Update Athena JDBC Driver
[DBHAWK2-877] – display label for database with group

DBHawk 5.1.62 Release – November 18, 2019

-Fix for create connection API issue
-Fix for new user creation Email pattern issue

DBHawk 5.1.6 Release – October 18, 2019

-Various backend changes for DBHawk support with load balancer

DBHawk 5.1.5 Release – August 19, 2019

-Added open database transaction check with SQL Tab for Oracle database
-Improved Admin Security Login
-Various SAP HANA database related improvements
-Object Access Control now supported for SAP HANA database
-Display connection Label name while creating ACL
-Changed file upload icon
-Add a new feature to allow clickable data with html link in a data
-Fixed copy data-source with null label value
-Fixed issues with snippet error message
-Fixed Oracle charts for Data Files and Tablespaces
-Fixed MySQL issue with reading user variable
-Fixed issue with the import error message
-ACL issue with data masking – Query Builder was showing an error
-Fixed error with renaming MySQL table when table name has reserved words (e.g order)

DBHawk 5.1.4 Release – July 8, 2019

-Improved MongoDB Test connection – Now if MongoDB is not available, it will display appropriate error
-Default two-factor authentication – Now default the 2-factor authentication for new users, added a new property to the DBHawk settings screen activate2factorAuthenticationByDefault.
This property will activate 2-factor authentication by default for newly created users
-Improved SQL Auto-Completion Now auto-completion will work without the schema name
-Extended the width of the “Connect to database” combo-box
-Added label to the data-source to allow to choose label with connection to the databases
-Displaying a recognizable NULL icon when it’s null – Added this to distinguish NULL values and empty strings in a SQL result
Fixed issue with the ACL – It was displaying create Job even though there was no permission to create a Job
Fixed the issue with show login box – It was not displaying data when user sign in with the login box with a different schema
fixed issue with the report – Report was not working when query has ; in it. It was giving /by zero error
Fixed the issue with the date format- If you change the data in settings, it was not changing the date format
Fixed issues with the MongoDB Collection when collection has dash or underscore in a name

DBHawk 5.1.3 Release – June 10, 2019

-Fixed the issue with MSSQL data masking ACL
-Help file access to logged in user only
-Fixed Insert/Update table data issue
-Various UI issues with ACL
-MongoDB Shell improvements

DBHawk 5.1.2 Release – May 30, 2019

-Fixed the issue with Job Module ACL Issue

DBHawk 5.1.1 Release – May 27, 2019

-Fixed MongoDB Open stream error Issue

DBHawk 5.1.0 Release – May 20, 2019

New Features
-Added MongoDB Shell
-Added manage server roles for Windows logins
-Fixed ACL Issue
-Fixed issue with F8 and auto complete
-Fixed Windows group under logins in the UI for MSSQL
-Other minor fixes

DBHawk 5.0.0 Release – April 26, 2019

New Features
-Multiple user group support for DBHawk users including support for Okta and LDAP
-SQL Window as a Tab and with new separate connection
-Universal data filter on SQL Window
-SQL Script execution at the cursor position
-Option to stop SQL Script at the error
-Fix all rows export on the snippet
-Fix for LDAP group import issue
-Support for MySQL Latest version
-Reset SQL Window
-Add execution time on MySQL Results
-Fix for Performance issues with a large number of table columns

DBHawk 4.8.7 Release – March 18, 2019

New Features
-Added SQL Editor message tab to copy results
-Added new feature to allow storing audit logs in a MySQL database
-Added create Windows SQL Server Logins
-Support for OpenLDAP
-Now displaying user group in a User profile screen
-Redesigned LDAP feature to import groups
– Fix schema refresh issue
– Fix Teradata long column issue
– Improved audit log

DBHawk 4.8.6 Release – Feb 22, 2019

New Features
-Added support to store logs in a MySQL database
-Added SQL autocomplete
-Fixed export csv data issue for Oracle
-Fixed refresh button issue
-Added an auto-commit selection for MySQL
-Removed print button

DBHawk 4.8.2 Release – Dec 12, 2018

New Features
-Added Okta integration support
-Upgraded Redshift JDBC driver to RedshiftJDBC42-
-Upgraded Teradata JDBC driver to
-Allow creating DBHawk user as an Okta user
-Added reports for Teradata
-Added Object access control for Redshift and Teradata
-Disabled data edit icons for read-only connection

DBHawk 4.8.1 Release – October 17, 2018

-Added parameters to charts
-Added PDF export for dashboard

DBHawk 4.8.0 Release – August 16, 2018

-Re-write charts/dashboards to make it easy and intuitive for users

DBHawk 4.5.0 Release – May 08, 2018

New Features
-Added support for Presto
-Added query history for MongoDB
-user creation with temp password and expiration date
-Support DBHawk with Amazon Athena
-Export csv data for MongoDB
-Add chart and dashboard for MongoDB
-combo chart needs second y-axis
-Various Query builder improvements
-SQL history Queries need a feature to name it
-make ACL intuitive and easy
-MongoDB connection info missing MongoDB user name info
-Add export data button on MongoDB Collection and apply date format on export
-add grouping and other things with charts
-add explain plan for Teradata

Bug Fixes
-Fixed issue with Redshift Query Builder
-fixed various issues with Hive
-In the “Query Builder” make SQL Query Window non-editable
-missing data on mongo table view
-Snippet reverse the multiple parameters order
-When removing a group with still a user in it give a ‘technical’ error message
-Fix for Oracle ACL
-an issue with DBHawk username (removed case sensitive username)
-various issues with SQL History
-dashboard first row with a single column is not working
-DBHawk charts are not working with YYYY-YY kind of year formats
-an issue with MySQL import data
-for metrics columns on the dashboard, a user should be able to create small height and width components
-MySQL update statment is missing one `
-hive export is not working
-hadoop is not displaying block information
-connection refresh issue causing a connection to change the name

DBHawk 4.1.6 Release – March 26, 2018

Bug Fixes
-Fixed issue with the new user notification
-added export MongoDB data with date format
-Data masking for Oracle database

DBHawk 4.1.5 Release – February 16, 2018

Bug Fixes
-Fixed issue with SQL Server Execution Plan
Added support for Cassandra
Added support for MongoDB Charts and Dashboard

DBHawk 4.1.4 Release – February 16, 2018

Bug Fixes
-Fixed Query builder issue

DBHawk 4.1.3 Release – February 8, 2018

Bug Fixes
-Some export features were not working due to java lib conflicts
-dbms_output with Oracle database
-fixed snippet parameter order issue
-fixed issue with MongoDB Upload
-Added new feature to rename SQL History Query

DBHawk 4.1.2 Release – January 24, 2018

Bug Fixes
-DBHawk user activities log files are not getting written due to an issue with slf4j-nop-1.6.jar file
– Workaround with 4.1.1 release is to delete this jar from lib folder.

DBHawk 4.1.1 Release – January 22, 2018

New Features
-Added access for AWS S3
-Added support for MongoDB Atlas and mLab
-Added support for MongoDB SQL Query
– Text area to edit MongoDB value
– Fix link with the text
– Allow map chart small value to display as a bigger bubble
– Add new config to send an email notification to new users
– Added SQLPLUS runner for Oracle
Bug Fixes
– An issue with import Job window
– fix various labels issues with charts
– When trying to update varchar2 on Postgres – getting unparsable date error
– ACL should not display other tables with autocomplete
– User can see the column names of the table in the report creating even for this table access is limited
– Invalid object name for the snippet
– Cannot run MSSQL query with some calculation without column name
– The read-only connection should not display as an error while connecting to the database
– The incorrect type of the MongoDB document is displaying
– Issue with charts
– Fix mongo records
– An issue with data grid filter with an integer value
– Allow setting multiple emails for the job
– Import mapping is not working
– Make connection change disable on the ACL

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