DBHawk Release Notes

DBHawk 6.3.0 Release – May 24, 2021

New Feature
-Add new flag in settings to use single stmt parser for sql server
-New DBHawk setting for enable/disable File Manager
-Add logging for file manager activities
-Customer -Add query tagging feature – only for SQL Server
-Add User directory manager and file sharing
-Develop Job History page to display job run status with log details for each execution

-Need SQL Server parser changes to allow multiple SQL statements for SQL Server
-Applying encryption key logic when updating DBHawk with SQL changes
-Job notification – Add for job success and failure 
-Job or report should not send empty files in email
-Allow option to disable import csv with ACL
-SAML Override group changes
-SAML integration improvement for group claim
-Fix log file names and change size
-Restrict dashboard open access with the link
-Add Delete ALL on Saved Query
-Autocomplete should also add views
-When masked data makes connection read only – do not allow to remove read only on data source
-Allow to clear SQL Query History
-Do not change SQL Editor window height for each SQL Execution

-Adding masked column doesn’t make ACL connection read only
-Do not allow to use slash symbols / \\ in job names
-ACL Is not allowing to use brackets with the join condition
-MSSQL and other databases job edit is not working
-We should not allow to create same user with a different case
-ACL is not displaying Views when selected all objects for the schema
-Fix SAML setting changes log details
-Getting error 500 on view sql results
-DBHawk is not displaying Oracle package when spec is open
-DB Logs not saving logs with Oracle connection
-Autosuggestion deletes table name

DBHawk 6.2.0 Release – April 6, 2021
New Feature
– Add new API to update user
– Allow user to choose file encoding while uploading data
– Support Oracle BLOB data in SQL Editor with query
– Once ACL has applied on data source, display information on data source grid
– While running DBHawk upgrade. run DBHawk backup first
– Change DBHawk upgrade message
– Display Table comments
– Show datatype information on the results grid header

– Display ACL/Read Only on Connection tab
– Fix auto complete issues
– Change POST /api/point to POST /api/add-data source
– Create new api – post/api/remove-data source
– BLOB data display auto file detection
– Read write ACL does not allow insert update delete with SQL editor
– Monthly Schedule Job change to 30 days and also add label
– Add Commit and rollback command with RW ACL
– MSSQL SQL Parser changes to allow go to statement and also SQL statements without ;
– Remove un-used JS calls
– Save query as submitted

– DBHawk job schedule ignore repeat interval value
– SAML long group name auto import causing DBHawk to hang
– Display proper error message with SAML/LDAP Integration
– Job lock DBHawk while updating job details
– Fix DBMS_OUTPUT issue with a function call
– SQL History is not saving all queries
– Update is updating number of rows and displaying wrong number of rows updated
– Query with / getting saved automatically instead of saving as query history

DBHawk 6.1.0 Release – March 4, 2021
New Feature
– Allow to export and import users query
– Add search feature on User query history

– API Cleanup – API with default values
– Use upper case with Oracle create tables or new objects
– Allow receiving user to delete shared query
– Add timer while loading long raw data on Oracle

– Create User API Expire date is not working
– oracle Rowid column not working
– oracle object filter search is not working with lower case objects
– SAX lib upgrade causing issues

DBHawk 6.0.1 Release – February 23, 2021
New Feature
-AMI User fields for RDS and Redshift
– New role change with API
– Changes for Snippet
– Add create table screen feature for redshift
– Add new DBHawk User Role – Analyst
– New API to change group
– Add EDIT columns feature for Redshift

– Remove index from Redshift
– Not logging Oracle user creation
– Query Saving is very slow
– SQLPlus background utility should check user email address before submitting a job
– MongoDB not working with Jackson lib changes
– Update user email address with profile should not require user to logout and login back for the effect
– Allow to set logout page
– Create user API call for admin user with expire date
– Time display issue – Redshift database

– MongoDB SQL stopped working
– Export: XLSX export doesn’t work with MSSQL-Azure
– When deleting user, it should give user name warning
– DBHawk displays table name which should be not accessible with ACL
– Issues with Redshift UDFS
– Redshift timestamp columns are causing error
– LDAP is not working with new libs
– Unable create a report based job
– Save queries got overwritten by query history query
– Creating stored program with redshift issue -customer
– DBHawk cannot connect to LDAP and goes into infinite loop when cannot find login user’s group

DBHawk 5.6.0/5.7.0 Release – December 17, 2020
New Feature
– Add user query history
– Add Run vacuum analyze or other maintenance tasks by right clicking on the table or similar interface
– Add option to disable or copy all data with ACL
– Add SFTP to job
– Add AMI Users support for Redshift, Athena, DynamoDB
– Allow to store access and SQL logs in database tables
– Change max number of data source warning logic
– Add username attribute with SAML
– Fix sorting order for Redshift schema list
– Job module https access issue
– Disable local DB startup when remote DB is running
– Upgrade various libs as per the security scan report
– Auto import groups with dynamic flag for LDAP and SAML Integration
– ACL: snippets does not work if SQL disabled
– Permissions on ACL is not maintaining state while updating
– CSV Scheduler Job producing empty files

DBHawk 5.5.0 Release – September 14, 2020
New Feature/Improvement
– fix dark theme style for mask acl
– add ACL or some icon to indicate connection has Object Access control policy
– Add some indication to show DBHawk groups are LDAP groups
– Allow bulk delete on datasource screen as we have on users screen
– In-Active group
– Adding/Removing MSSQL Users
– Change max number of data source warning logic to warn before adding data source
– User default profile is not visible
– ACL: “Find objects” doesn’t work
– ACL: Catalog value is always empty in the list of ACL
– Report: Null message shown when opening query window. (ACL applied).
– ACL: Unable to change acl settings for Masked column
– When you update the group name – assigned group to user keeps the old name
– Redshift: Masked column of a table with space in name can be queried
– ACL: Masked column can be queried with WHERE clause
– Masked data is readable via sql column alias
– Managed to get masked data using Join
– Masked data can be retrieved using WHERE masked_column IN
– Masked data can be retrieved using column reference
– NULL values in masked columns ignored
– It doesn’t quote objects in SQL query in Oracle
– SELECT * FROM doesn’t work for Oracle connection with ACL
– Unable to mask view in Teradata
– Managed to use WHERE clause for a Job in MSSQL
– SQL SELECT doesn’t work with ACL
– Error while trying to change schema on MSSQL
– MSSQL SQL DDL generation missing columns
– Data source sorting on label give error
– When MongoDB Connection open – it times out other open connection
– Postgres. Masks. Empty values exported
– Mssql. Acl: Managed to write masked data into a table using SELECT INTO statement
– Various ACL Issues on build 5.5.0
– ACL: issue with “Grant All” option
– ACL Postgres: Row data window is empty for masked tables
– SAP: Query builder doesn’t work for views
– ACL: UI issue

DBHawk 5.4.0 Release – July 13, 2020
New Feature
-Support for Snowflake Database

-PUBLIC schema access with Oracle ACL
-ACL Permission does not allow to modify same job
-Issue with SAML User – Error while saving profile
-Describe on Oracle cause connection to run forever
-Allow LDAP to connect to the group without case restrictions
-Redshift: SQL query throws an error if ACL applied
-ACL: Can’t proceed to the next step in MSSQL if catalog wasn’t selected
-Commit button doesn’t work on the SQL Tab
-Snippets/Dashboard doesn’t work – Error with session
-Snowflake SQL editor is not using the current selected database

-Allow contains search on group datasource assignment
-Modify search on Datasource and Users screen from like to contain
-Change group Icon
-Give warning on MSSQL Login screens while locking/unlocking users
-New User screen on the MSSQL improvements
-Add load more on scrolling on Connect to database dropdown
-Add filter and sorting on the group screen
-Rename Manage DBHawk Users menu name to -> Manage Users & Groups
-Any database user creation with password must not log plain password text in a log file
-Redshift is not supporting spectrum schemas and tables

DBHawk 5.3.0 Release – May 4, 2020
New Feature
-Support for DynamoDB
-DBHawk Dark theme selection.
-Security Key Rotation

-Scheduler: “alert” Job type is not working
-SQL Query is not working without alias
-Presto SQL Query Builder is not working
-Remote database backup is not working
-Issue with the snippet security
-Fix average and other function display on Cassandra
-Chart title supports HTML tags
-Fix object access control policy for MSSQL
-Autocomplete on describe is throwing NLP
-Various API Issues
-Cannot Delete User
-Cannot delete data source – getting constraint error

-Enable Export All for Excel
-Create dynamic logo settings to address all themes
-Redshift auto-complete SQL is not working
-Add pagination and search to the users’ screen
-create search and pagination on data source screen
-Add search feature to connection and Users dropdown when there are so many connections
-Multiple groups with some group inactive
-Scheduler time change issue
-Allow Describe and Explain Plan on MySQL read-only DB
-Change connection drop-down filter condition to “contains” instead of “begin”

DBHawk 5.2.1 Release – February 10, 2020
New Feature
[DBHAWK2-900] – Add New themes
[DBHAWK2-905] – Add Vertica database support
[DBHAWK2-897] – QB with MySQL not working
[DBHAWK2-898] – MySQL Constraint is showing errors
[DBHAWK2-901] – Cassandra Table Data Issue with Map data type and column wrong order
[DBHAWK2-884] – When Data source information changed, add that information in dbhawk_user_activities.log file
[DBHAWK2-890] – About Screen

DBHawk 5.2.0 Release – February 3, 2020
New Feature
[DBHAWK2-860] – Allow admin user to login with only localhost
[DBHAWK2-878] – Upgrade DBHawk remote database automatically
[DBHAWK2-879] – Add SAML override group check

[DBHAWK2-776] – DBHawk Settings: “columnsNum” is not working.
[DBHAWK2-801] – Add support long password – for database authentication
[DBHAWK2-834] – Upload SQL adds * in start of the line
[DBHAWK2-842] – fix parameter issue
[DBHAWK2-845] – fix issue with hive
[DBHAWK2-851] – Add graph for SGA
[DBHAWK2-866] – API Issue
[DBHAWK2-880] – Presto is showing errors for some tables
[DBHAWK2-882] – Snippet is not working
[DBHAWK2-886] – Read only connection should not allow to insert, create or any other SQL except SELECT
[DBHAWK2-887] – Fix snippet max data rows
[DBHAWK2-889] – groups with same connection is causing error
[DBHAWK2-896] – snippet is not working in a new session

[DBHAWK2-802] – Verify support of IAM Auth Type for AWS RDS
[DBHAWK2-843] – Improve data masking to display stars only for the value
[DBHAWK2-850] – Fix data masking error
[DBHAWK2-874] – Improve 2FA
[DBHAWK2-891] – Fix ACL issue when you drop ACL connection

DBHawk 5.1.7 Release – January 19, 2020
New Feature
[DBHAWK2-854] – Allow DBHawk to use MySQL as its database
[DBHAWK2-852] – Teradata is showing NO PK – while PK is there
[DBHAWK2-853] – Teradata is throwing lot of errors
[DBHAWK2-864] – Impala -DBHawk get stuck if it cannot connect to the connection
[DBHAWK2-865] – Fix email pattern issue
[DBHAWK2-866] – API Issue
[DBHAWK2-876] – Fix log for read-only database access
[DBHAWK2-743] – Add last login tracking for all types of logins
[DBHAWK2-868] – Update Athena JDBC Driver
[DBHAWK2-877] – display label for database with group

DBHawk 5.1.62 Release – November 18, 2019
-Fix for create connection API issue
-Fix for new user creation Email pattern issue

DBHawk 5.1.6 Release – October 18, 2019
-Various backend changes for DBHawk support with load balancer

DBHawk 5.1.5 Release – August 19, 2019
-Added open database transaction check with SQL Tab for Oracle database
-Improved Admin Security Login
-Various SAP HANA database related improvements
-Object Access Control now supported for SAP HANA database
-Display connection Label name while creating ACL
-Changed file upload icon
-Add a new feature to allow clickable data with html link in a data
-Fixed copy data-source with null label value
-Fixed issues with snippet error message
-Fixed Oracle charts for Data Files and Tablespaces
-Fixed MySQL issue with reading user variable
-Fixed issue with the import error message
-ACL issue with data masking – Query Builder was showing an error
-Fixed error with renaming MySQL table when table name has reserved words (e.g order)

DBHawk 5.1.4 Release – July 8, 2019
-Improved MongoDB Test connection – Now if MongoDB is not available, it will display appropriate error
-Default two-factor authentication – Now default the 2-factor authentication for new users, added a new property to the DBHawk settings screen activate2factorAuthenticationByDefault.
This property will activate 2-factor authentication by default for newly created users
-Improved SQL Auto-Completion Now auto-completion will work without the schema name
-Extended the width of the “Connect to database” combo-box
-Added label to the data-source to allow to choose label with connection to the databases
-Displaying a recognizable NULL icon when it’s null – Added this to distinguish NULL values and empty strings in a SQL result
Fixed issue with the ACL – It was displaying create Job even though there was no permission to create a Job
Fixed the issue with show login box – It was not displaying data when user sign in with the login box with a different schema
fixed issue with the report – Report was not working when query has ; in it. It was giving /by zero error
Fixed the issue with the date format- If you change the data in settings, it was not changing the date format
Fixed issues with the MongoDB Collection when collection has dash or underscore in a name

DBHawk 5.1.3 Release – June 10, 2019
-Fixed the issue with MSSQL data masking ACL
-Help file access to logged in user only
-Fixed Insert/Update table data issue
-Various UI issues with ACL
-MongoDB Shell improvements

DBHawk 5.1.2 Release – May 30, 2019
-Fixed the issue with Job Module ACL Issue

DBHawk 5.1.1 Release – May 27, 2019
-Fixed MongoDB Open stream error Issue

DBHawk 5.1.0 Release – May 20, 2019
New Features
-Added MongoDB Shell
-Added manage server roles for Windows logins
-Fixed ACL Issue
-Fixed issue with F8 and auto complete
-Fixed Windows group under logins in the UI for MSSQL
-Other minor fixes

DBHawk 5.0.0 Release – April 26, 2019
New Features
-Multiple user group support for DBHawk users including support for Okta and LDAP
-SQL Window as a Tab and with new separate connection
-Universal data filter on SQL Window
-SQL Script execution at the cursor position
-Option to stop SQL Script at the error
-Fix all rows export on the snippet
-Fix for LDAP group import issue
-Support for MySQL Latest version
-Reset SQL Window
-Add execution time on MySQL Results
-Fix for Performance issues with a large number of table columns

DBHawk 4.8.7 Release – March 18, 2019
New Features
-Added SQL Editor message tab to copy results
-Added new feature to allow storing audit logs in a MySQL database
-Added create Windows SQL Server Logins
-Support for OpenLDAP
-Now displaying user group in a User profile screen
-Redesigned LDAP feature to import groups
– Fix schema refresh issue
– Fix Teradata long column issue
– Improved audit log

DBHawk 4.8.6 Release – Feb 22, 2019
New Features
-Added support to store logs in a MySQL database
-Added SQL autocomplete
-Fixed export csv data issue for Oracle
-Fixed refresh button issue
-Added an auto-commit selection for MySQL
-Removed print button

DBHawk 4.8.2 Release – Dec 12, 2018
New Features
-Added Okta integration support
-Upgraded Redshift JDBC driver to RedshiftJDBC42-
-Upgraded Teradata JDBC driver to
-Allow creating DBHawk user as an Okta user
-Added reports for Teradata
-Added Object access control for Redshift and Teradata
-Disabled data edit icons for read-only connection

DBHawk 4.8.1 Release – October 17, 2018
-Added parameters to charts
-Added PDF export for dashboard

DBHawk 4.8.0 Release – August 16, 2018
-Re-write charts/dashboards to make it easy and intuitive for users

DBHawk 4.5.0 Release – May 08, 2018
New Features
-Added support for Presto
-Added query history for MongoDB
-user creation with temp password and expiration date
-Support DBHawk with Amazon Athena
-Export csv data for MongoDB
-Add chart and dashboard for MongoDB
-combo chart needs second y-axis
-Various Query builder improvements
-SQL history Queries need a feature to name it
-make ACL intuitive and easy
-MongoDB connection info missing MongoDB user name info
-Add export data button on MongoDB Collection and apply date format on export
-add grouping and other things with charts
-add explain plan for Teradata

Bug Fixes
-Fixed issue with Redshift Query Builder
-fixed various issues with Hive
-In the “Query Builder” make SQL Query Window non-editable
-missing data on mongo table view
-Snippet reverse the multiple parameters order
-When removing a group with still a user in it give a ‘technical’ error message
-Fix for Oracle ACL
-an issue with DBHawk username (removed case sensitive username)
-various issues with SQL History
-dashboard first row with a single column is not working
-DBHawk charts are not working with YYYY-YY kind of year formats
-an issue with MySQL import data
-for metrics columns on the dashboard, a user should be able to create small height and width components
-MySQL update statment is missing one `
-hive export is not working
-hadoop is not displaying block information
-connection refresh issue causing a connection to change the name

DBHawk 4.1.6 Release – March 26, 2018
Bug Fixes
-Fixed issue with the new user notification
-added export MongoDB data with date format
-Data masking for Oracle database

DBHawk 4.1.5 Release – February 16, 2018
Bug Fixes
-Fixed issue with SQL Server Execution Plan
Added support for Cassandra
Added support for MongoDB Charts and Dashboard

DBHawk 4.1.4 Release – February 16, 2018
Bug Fixes
-Fixed Query builder issue

DBHawk 4.1.3 Release – February 8, 2018
Bug Fixes
-Some export features were not working due to java lib conflicts
-dbms_output with Oracle database
-fixed snippet parameter order issue
-fixed issue with MongoDB Upload
-Added new feature to rename SQL History Query

DBHawk 4.1.2 Release – January 24, 2018
Bug Fixes
-DBHawk user activities log files are not getting written due to an issue with slf4j-nop-1.6.jar file
– Workaround with 4.1.1 release is to delete this jar from lib folder.

DBHawk 4.1.1 Release – January 22, 2018
New Features
-Added access for AWS S3
-Added support for MongoDB Atlas and mLab
-Added support for MongoDB SQL Query
– Text area to edit MongoDB value
– Fix link with the text
– Allow map chart small value to display as a bigger bubble
– Add new config to send an email notification to new users
– Added SQLPLUS runner for Oracle
Bug Fixes
– An issue with import Job window
– fix various labels issues with charts
– When trying to update varchar2 on Postgres – getting unparsable date error
– ACL should not display other tables with autocomplete
– User can see the column names of the table in the report creating even for this table access is limited
– Invalid object name for the snippet
– Cannot run MSSQL query with some calculation without column name
– The read-only connection should not display as an error while connecting to the database
– The incorrect type of the MongoDB document is displaying
– Issue with charts
– Fix mongo records
– An issue with data grid filter with an integer value
– Allow setting multiple emails for the job
– Import mapping is not working
– Make connection change disable on the ACL

DBHawk 4.1.0 Release – November 18, 2017
New Features
– Update DBHawk charts/dashboard creation and make it more advance
– Added Excel data import feature
– Added new user email notification
– Display or hide database login details why creating a new connection
– Import JSON file to Mongo DB Collection
– Export Collection MongoDB
– Add Create database and Collection to MongoDB Top menu
– Added data migration for DBHawk upgrade
– Change License Screen
– Fix to format for Redshift DDL SQL
– Log all Admin activities
– Improve import job
– Add Null Value for Export
– Apply max recursive limit on MongoDB doc
– Improve MongoDB search screen
– Reset button enhancements
– Improve import Excel data flow
– Fix various issues with Import and Job
– Export table/view data
– Add Password Verification with new DBHawk user creation
– Need improvement on 2FA screen
– Add NULL option for CSV and excel export
– Upgrade MongoDB JDBC driver
– Update email notification text
– MongoDB: Connect to MongoDB Atlas
– Prevent last admin user to make it inactive or expired login
– By default, batch insert to 1 on import
– Change mongo search screen as DB filter screen
– Improve New connection box
– Display an only Type without the whole class
– Use tomcat 8.5.23 for DBHawk tomcat build
– Change default tomcat port to 8080
– Change status info window fonts
Bug Fixes
– AdminPanel – Email settings: fields “Port” and “Email for a test” are not validated.
– Converting strings to lower cases
– For “time with time zone” datatype incorrect data inserts for “today” [Postgres DB] – Fixed issues with Redshift SQL Query builder
– Fixed various issues with SQL Query builder
– Allow deleting DBHawk user and group
– DBHawk creates job and reports for a table which the user does not have access
– Need export as xlsx -excel for all databases
– Cannot update the import job
– Postgres database needs case sensitivity solution
– MSSQL create new schema refresh issue
– Geometry & Geography data type mssql issues with DDL
– Commented Query With Parameters still asks for a value
– Dashboard grid shows different data
– While applying ACL or doing any other operation with DBHawk database – session expires
– Query Builder is not working with a group by sort
– Fix data grid for MongoDB
– Oracle missed tools menu after MongoDB connection
– Teradata getting tables columns information from dbc column
– Various Issue with Access Logs
– MongoDB Date is not working
– Teradata: database is not showing up in drop-down in case of upper case
– After logging to MongoDB the Tools menu is disappeared
– DBHawk is not allowing a user to log in when there is no connection assigned to the user
– MongoDB: Connection Successful but host is invalid
– MongoDB: Performance issues
– DBHawk cannot insert/select/update/delete MSSQL special columns
– Deleting and updating dashboard gives NLP
– Line chart and other charts issues
– An issue with mssql text data type
– Mysql does not allow to view text Data
– Dashboard password and share issues
– maximumRecordsMongo config changes require a server restart
– Screen issue with MongoDB
– An exception should be not logged in access log or SQL log
– Session expires handling – MongoDB
– Fix MySQL tinyint export value issue
– An issue with displaying Stored Proc code with SQL Server database
– MongoDB data with URL or HTML links
– Disable the reset button in stored programs
– Remove first-row json link from MongoDB execute window results
– An issue with import Job window
– While exporting query results – it exports with a null name
– MySQL Issue with encloser
– When trying to update varchar2 on Postgres, hsqldb – getting unparsable date error
– An issue with an ACL changing group

DBHawk 4.0.2 Release – October 31, 2017

-Fixed issue with SQL Server text data type – it was truncating characters.
-Fixed problems with SQL Server stored programs. The Large procedure is not visible.

DBHawk 4.0.1 Release – October 17, 2017
New Features/Improvement

-Fixed issue with user login when there is no data source assigned to the user
-Fixed issues with SQL Server database – Now all SQL queries will use enclosed brackets for database, table names, column names to handle special characters – []

DBHawk 4.0.0 Release – September 18, 2017
New Features/Improvement

-A new user authentication mechanism
With DBHawk 4.0 now there is a notion of DBHawk users
Now, DBHawk supports 2 user roles. Admin and Regular User.
With this, now giving access to end users is secured and Admins do not have to share database username and password
-2FA Authentication – Now DBHawk users can be allowed to use 2FA authentication for secured database access
-Improved LDAP Integration
-Added support for Redshift, Greenplum databases
– Supporting access control for Oracle, Microsoft, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, Greenplum databases
– Enhanced Import and Export data features. Made Import data feature robust to deal with various errors while loading data. Also, fixed Import Job issues for import data automation.
– Developed new SQL Collaboration feature to share SQL with the group or users
– AWS S3 Storage – Now users can import/export data from AWS S3
– Enhanced SQL Reports and Jobs
– Added new audit logging for all DBHawk admin activities
– Added new APIs to manage database access, create users, row level filter
– Fixed various bugs and issues

DBHawk 3.3.3 Release – July 14, 2017
New Features/Improvement

-Fixed issue with the Query Builder
-Updated DBHawk EULA

DBHawk 3.3.2 Release – July 12, 2017
New Features/Improvement

-Added support for Redshift JDBC jar file. Now it is included with the build
-Updated DBHawk EULA

Bug Fixes

-Fixed SSO issue when header does not match with the setup header.
-Fix for user group and database authentication. Now the user will see only connection assigned to the group
-Fixed wrong query issue with Query Builder
-Fixed various issues with Redshift

DBHawk 3.2.1 Release – May 9, 2017
New Features/Improvement

-Added a new Single Sign-On(SSO) feature to use DBHawk with external authentication
-Added feature to configure DBHawk to use AES-256 encryption
-Added a new Access Control Policy to manage database object access
-Adopted Semantic Versioning scheme to make it easy for customers
-Added more details on the Connection Information screen to display including current build version
-DBHawk reports/jobs/snippets/dashboards separated by User/Database
-On DBHawk snippet allowed edit query should be only enabled if Show Query is enabled.
-Added new max column configuration to restrict the number of columns display on the table data grid
-Added a new configuration to move DBHawk database to the outside war file

Bug Fixes

-Chained forwarders in X-Forwarded-For was not working with multiple IP addresses
-Multiple SLF4J bindings – DBHawk
-JEE specification jars should not be included in WAR files – Removed extra jars files from the included war files
-MySQL database name with space – DBHawk was showing error while accessing database name with space
-Fixed various LDAP integration issues and error messages. Also fixed workflow with license activation