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DBHawk Query Builder is supported with all major databases such as Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL, Greenplum, MySQL, DB2, Amazon Redshift, Hive, Amazon Athena.

Are you looking for an easy way to build and create database queries, without having to learn SQL? Without installing any software on your machine? Well, fortunately, there is a solution for you: the most convenient, user-friendly SQL query builder online from Datasparc.

DBHawk is the first web-based query builder which provides you with a simple tool to generate complex SQL queries. With DBHawk, you can create queries, without the need to write even a single line of code – the intuitive interface will help you add conditions and build your data query with just a few clicks.

Drag and drop feature allows to build queries, SQL expression, apply aggregate functions and many others. Also, it opens built query into SQL editor for execution and formatting. Right now, DBHawk also comes with a free trial period, and a live demo, so make sure you try it out and experience the easiest, most innovative way to build queries online for your databases!

Visual Query Builder

To build your SQL queries, just drag and drop database tables from a schema browser to your query builder. DBHawk will automatically build SQL join conditions based on a foreign and a primary key between two tables. It supports inner join, left outer join, right outer join, and full outer join, as well. Open as many query tabs as you’d like and work on different builders at the same time!

Online SQL Query with Live Data Preview

As you build SQL queries online, DBHawk displays live data preview. Users can apply various filter conditions on live data, sort results, select/unselect columns. Users can do all these without SQL knowledge. Also, you can export data from a data preview window into various formats such as CSV, PDF, and HTML. If export to external storage is configured, users can also export data and directly to save on external storage such as Amazon S3.

Online SQL Query with SQL Preview

With online query builder, DBHawk displays live SQL data preview. This is a great feature for database business analyst users. They can open this SQL in DBHawk SQL Editor and run statements, create SQL reports, data dashboards, etc.

Build Oracle Queries with drag and drops and few clicks

With DBHawk Oracle Query Builder, users can open Query builder and build Queries by dragging and dropping tables.

MySQL Query Builder – Drag and Drop Tables

With DBHawk MySQL Builder, users can open SQL builder and build SQL Queries by dragging and dropping tables on the Query Builder.

SQL query builder online for MS SQL Database

With DBHawk SQL Server Query Builder, users can open online Query builder and build SQL Queries by dragging and dropping tables on the query Builder.

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