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When looking for a way to boost your productivity on data analytics and working with SQL code, you will need a powerful database SQL tool that can let you do those tasks whenever and wherever from a browser window access. This is possible with an online SQL tool, a thoughtfully developed solution to make SQL database analysis efficient, simple, and robust, even for non-IT experts. Once implemented, SQL Tools provide an extensive amount of benefits to your organization. Read on for a deep dive on the top 5 benefits of leveraging an online SQL tool.

1. No tool or software to install on your machine

All you need is access to a web browser. Frequent product updates with new features and capabilities without having to install anything on your machine. No need to install and maintain a separate tool for each database. With an online SQL tool, you get a single solution that supports all the major databases: MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, Oracle, and more.

2. Boost productivity and collaboration

It’s crucial to have various features on a database SQL editor for doing analytics work and working with various databases. Leveraging an online SQL tool has everything you need to simplify those tasks and make them collaborative. The SQL editor lets users execute multiple queries and run numerous SELECT statements. The platform will execute the SQL statements and show the results in a separate tab. Users can highlight a select single query and view the display progress for each multiple UPDATE or INSERT statement.

3. Versatility

Although it’s an online SQL tool, it's possible to implement it as a server-based solution without requiring software installation on every relevant computer. Install it on the server, and it will be ready to run SQL queries from a browser. Users can export results online, build intuitive charts, and run SQL explain plans. User can share various SQL queries and share with other users. build intuitive online dashboards and give access with live data to other users.

4. Easy to use

Anyone in your team can use the online SQL tool without requiring specialized knowledge or training. Even those without IT expertise can execute queries online. The tool has innovative features such as SQL IntelliSense and Autocomplete to boost productivity. An online query lets you format SQL queries, display SQL with color syntax highlights, and beautify statements. The online SQL tool’s editor can export results in various formats, such as HTML, Excel, PDF, and CSV, or export the results to Amazon S3 or local storage.

5. Cost effective

The advantage of using an online SQL tool is that they are usually much cheaper than traditional database management tools. This is because there is no need to install software, install one tool for each database and can be started immediately from a browser.

With an online SQL tool, you can take advantage of single sign-on (SSO) with SAML user management. This eliminates the need for maintaining individual usernames and passwords, reducing IT administration costs significantly

Online SQL Tools Benefits

DBHawk: Powerful Online SQL Tool

Choosing the right online SQL tool can be challenging with how many online SQL tools are available in the market. Enter DBHawk, the most versatile and easy to use SQL tool available online . DBHawk contains  advanced features such as SQL statements formatting with syntax highlighting, and visual query builder., Various databases are supported including, Microsoft SQL server database, Oracle, MySQL, Redshift, as well as various cloud databases, browse schema objects and other database structures including tables. These are just some benefits you can experience with DBHawk SQL tool.

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