Oracle Database  Management Software

DBHawk's web-based Oracle SQL client and database management software give you the tools you need to effectively manage and develop your Oracle database.

Oracle Database  Management Software

Streamline Your Oracle Database Management with DBHawk

DBHawk provides a comprehensive web-based Oracle SQL client for Oracle SQL developers looking to streamline their database management. With its visual SQL builder, SQL editor and powerful reporting capabilities, DBHawk makes it easy to build SQL queries, create custom reports, and visualize your data at scale. Whether you are working with ad hoc reports, parameterized reports, online data dashboards, or scheduling reports, DBHawk has you covered.

In addition to its robust reporting features, DBHawk also offers support for data charts, which provide a flexible and intuitive way to visualize your data. This is a valuable asset for Oracle Application Express (APEX) users, as it allows you to take advantage of similar functionality without the need for PL SQL development. Whether you are a database administrator, developer, or business analyst, DBHawk provides an essential database management and security tool for optimizing the performance and productivity of your Oracle database operations. 

DBHawk's comprehensive object access control policy and auditing features allows DBAs to grant secure access to database users with SSO.

DBHawk Oracle database features at a glance

  • DBHawk -all in one web-based platform - Database security, database management, data governance and data analytics
  • Zero trust database access to Oracle and other databases with SAML, SSO, LDAP integration
  • Powerful Online SQL Editor, Query Builder, Report  & Dashboard builder
  •  Centralized Security, Auditing and insights about your user’s activities
  • Built-in fine-grained Object Access control with column level dynamic data masking

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Streamline Your Oracle Database Management with DBHawk
Streamline Your Oracle Database Management with DBHawk

Elevate Your Oracle Database Management

 Online Oracle Data Browser

 Online Oracle Data Browser

DBHawk offers a robust online Oracle data browsing capabilities and support for users to easily access and analyze their Oracle database data. With DBHawk, users can not only view and filter their data, but also quickly count the total number of rows in a table, making it an efficient and effective tool for managing and understanding complex data sets. Additionally, DBHawk's intuitive interface and user-friendly controls make it easy for users of all skill levels to utilize the full range of its database browsing capabilities.

  Oracle Export/Import Data

Import & Export Oracle Data

DBHawk offers comprehensive features for exporting table data into various formats, including CSV, HTML, JSON, insert, and pdf. Additionally, users have the ability to import CSV data directly into tables using the platform. Upon uploading the CSV file, DBHawk will parse the columns and display a mapping between the table columns and the uploaded data. When the import is successful, users can save the process as a job and schedule it to run on a regular basis.

Oracle Data Editor

Oracle Data Editor

Easily manipulate and modify data stored in an Oracle database with DBHawk’s Oracle Data Editor feature. With this tool, users can create new records, insert data into existing tables, update and delete existing records, and even edit clob and blob data types. This feature provides a user-friendly interface that simplifies the process of managing data within an Oracle database, making it an essential tool for database administrators and developers who need to work with large amounts of data on a regular basis.

Advanced Data Management Tools for Oracle Database Tables

Oracle Table DDL Generator

Oracle Table DDL Generator

With just a simple click, DBHawk can display the DDL (Data Definition Language) of a table, providing users with valuable information about the structure and properties of their data. To retrieve this information, DBHawk utilizes the DBMS_METADATA.GET_DDL function, which is a powerful tool for accessing metadata within an Oracle database.

Online dependencies & referential viewer

Online Dependencies & Referential Viewer 

DBHawk provides access to easily view the details of table references and quickly determine the parent and child tables. Additionally, DBHawk's object dependencies feature displays the dependencies between different objects, allowing users to easily see which objects depend on others and which objects are being depended upon. This information is essential for understanding the interconnections within a database and can help users optimize their data management strategies.

 Online Oracle Column Manager

Online Oracle Column Manager

View detailed information about the columns within a table, including data type, size, and other properties. DBHawk's column manager allows users to alter existing columns, making it easy to adjust the structure of a table as needed. Users can also easily add new columns to a table, enabling them to expand the scope and capabilities of their data as needed.

Web-Based Oracle Constraints Manager

Web-Based Oracle Constraints Manager

DBHawk offers a comprehensive web-based Oracle constraints manager feature to help users easily access and manipulate the constraints within their database tables. With DBHawk's constraints manager, users can view detailed information about the constraints within a table, including the constraint name, type, status, and columns. By clicking on the constraint name, users can also view more detailed information such as the last change date, delete rule, reference owner, reference table, and reference columns. Users can also enable or disable constraints and drop constraints with a simple click, making it easy to manage and maintain the integrity of their data.

Oracle Object Grants Manager

Oracle Object Grants Manager

Easily manage the privileges granted to other users for accessing and manipulating the objects within their database with DBHawk’s object grants manager. With granted privileges, a user can execute certain SQL statements using the objects of another user, enabling them to collaborate and share data within the database. DBHawk's intuitive object grants manager makes it easy for users to select and assign various privileges, such as SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, REFERENCE, and more, to other users. The grants manager also displays the current granted privileges for an object and allows users to easily revoke those privileges with a simple click.

Oracle Database Trigger Manager

Oracle Database Trigger Manager

Oracle triggers are stored procedures that are implicitly executed when an INSERT, UPDATE, or DELETE statement is issued against the database table. Using DBHawk trigger manager, users can view existing table trigger details, View trigger object dependencies, Enable/Disable trigger, drop a trigger. Users can also add new BEFORE or AFTER events triggers for INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE statements.

Oracle Index Client Tool

Oracle Index Client Tool

With DBHawk's index client tool, users can view detailed information about their indexes, including the index uniqueness, type, columns, tablespace name, and statistics. The tool also allows users to easily add new indexes, preview the SQL prior to creating the index, and drop existing indexes as needed. DBHawk's index creator feature enables users to create Non-unique, Unique, and Bitmap indexes, giving them greater control and flexibility in optimizing their data management processes.

Optimize your Oracle Database Management with DBHawk

DBHawk offers a powerful all-in-one database management and SQL tool for optimizing Oracle database operations. From viewing and understanding table structure, to analyzing table relationships and dependencies, to customizing and enhancing table columns, to maintaining data integrity, to collaborating and sharing data, DBHawk has the tools to meet all your data management needs. If you are looking for a powerful and efficient way to manage and analyze your Oracle data, simply request a demo to see how DBHawk can help you unlock the full potential of your Oracle data.

DBHawk Frequently Asked Questions For Oracle Database

What is Oracle Database?

Oracle Database is a relational database management system (RDBMS) developed by Oracle Corporation. It provides a robust, secure, and highly available platform for storing and managing data.

What is DBHawk and what does it do?

DBHawk is a comprehensive web-based database management platform that makes it easy to manage Oracle databases. It provides a central dashboard for administrators, developers and support staff to access and manage data in their Oracle databases conveniently and securely. DBHawk includes features such as user authentication, query execution, visualized table schemas and graphical reports.

What databases does DBHawk support?

DBHawk currently supports Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Redshift and other JDBC compliant databases. It also supports some NoSQL databases like MongoDB, Apache Cassandra and DynamoDB.

How do I connect to an Oracle database using DBHawk?

To connect to an Oracle database using DBHawk, you will need to provide the correct connection parameters. These include the hostname or IP address of the server where your Oracle instance is running, the port number used to access it and the service name or SID for authentication.

Can I use DBHawk to run SQL queries on an Oracle database?

Yes, DBHawk provides an intuitive query editor that allows you to write and execute SQL queries on your Oracle database. It also includes a visual data browser to quickly browse through your tables and view their contents.

Does DBHawk offer any graphical visualization tools for my Oracle data?

Yes, DBHawk offers several graphical visualization tools for Oracle data. You can create interactive charts and graphs to better visualize your data, or use the query builder tool to quickly generate queries with visual previews of their output.

Can I use DBHawk to import and export data to and from an Oracle database?

Yes, DBHawk offers several options for importing and exporting data to and from an Oracle database. You can use the Data Import wizard to easily upload files or select tables in CSV format, or use the Export option to export query results into various formats such as Excel, PDF, JSON and HTML.

Can I use DBHawk to manage users and permissions on an Oracle database?

Yes, DBHawk provides an easy-to-use user management feature that allows you to manage users and their assigned roles and privileges within your Oracle database. You can quickly add or remove users and assign them specific roles with different levels of access.

Can I use DBHawk to provision secure database access to business analysts without sharing database password?

Yes, DBHawk offers a secure access feature that allows you to provision database access to business analysts without sharing the database password. This feature is incredibly useful for protecting your sensitive data and controlling who has access to it.

Does DBHawk offer any security features when accessing my Oracle data?

Yes, DBHawk offers several security features to help protect your Oracle data. It provides authentication and authorization management for users and groups

Can I dynamically mask Oracle data with DBHawk?

Yes, DBHawk provides an advanced data masking feature that allows you to dynamically mask Oracle data. You can set up dynamic rules to ensure that sensitive data is protected while still allowing users to see the necessary information they require.

Why DBHawk is better alternative for Oracle APEX?

DBHawk is a better alternative to Oracle APEX because it offers a wide range of features and capabilities that are designed to make database management easier and more secure. DBHawk provides an intuitive user interface, advanced security features, data masking capabilities, and more. Unlike Oracle APEX, which requires users to learn PL/SQL and HTML, DBHawk provides an easy to use and understand GUI that does not require any coding knowledge. Additionally, DBHawk offers great scalability for managing large databases, as well as a wide range of support for the most popular database management systems.

Can I use DBHawk to schedule and automate tasks on my Oracle database?

Yes, DBHawk offers a powerful task scheduler that allows you to schedule and automate tasks on your Oracle database.

Does DBHawk offer any collaboration features for working with team members on an Oracle database?

Yes, DBHawk provides a collaboration features such as query sharing and annotations so that team members can work together on an Oracle database. You can also create private queries and allow other users to view them with read-only permissions.

Do I need a separate tool to access each database with DBHawk?

No, you can access multiple databases in one place with DBHawk. You don't need a separate tool for each database.

Can I try DBHawk for free before committing to a paid subscription for use with an Oracle database?

Yes, you can try DBHawk for free with a 14-day trial to determine if it is the right solution for your Oracle database. After the trial has expired, you can choose to upgrade to one of the available paid plans.

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