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Database SQL tasks and batch job automation with a web-based centralized tool

A well-designed and efficient SQL Job Scheduler could be your best pal when it comes to SQL and batch scheduling. DBHawk SQL Job Scheduler is currently one of the leading job scheduling software, offering you the opportunity to automate your SQL workflow across various platforms and applications.

SQL Job Schedulers make batch scheduling easier than ever. You can easily see what is scheduled to run and the times it’s running and receive to-the-minute status information on all currently running jobs. What’s more, you can run repeated jobs every minute, hour or day of the week, as well as restrict running jobs during peak hours. You can also opt for a full audit and error log for all job executions – basically, receive complete control over the batch scheduling process!

With DBHawk job scheduler run your repetitive SQL Queries with recurring or complex schedules. Database and BI users can automate executing SQL queries in a batch mode. Users can save output results on the disk or can receive job output by email.

DBHawk SQL Job Scheduler supports SQL Server databases, Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Redshift, Greenplum, Cloud, and many other databases. DBAs, database developers, and business analyst users can achieve workload automation with DBHawk. DBHawk supports flexible deployments with AWS or Azure cloud. DBHawk can be a viable option to automate SQL Server automation.

SQL Job Automation with DBHawk

DBHawk Job Scheduler allows a user to schedule a SQL Job. Users can schedule SQL Query or Report to run at regular interval. Users can choose to receive scheduled job results by email or save output on the server. Users can schedule a DBHawk report or schedule a job to receive output in HTML, pdf, csv format for the SQL execution results.

Repetitive SQL Jobs Scheduling with Cron Jobs Expression

SQL Server Job Scheduler
Using DBHawk, users can schedule a SQL job to run at frequent intervals. DBHawk allows choosing formats for repeat interval. Cron Jobs Expression or a user can enter a repeat interval. For repeat interval, DBHawk admin can control minimum repeat frequency using minJobRepeatInterval setting to reduce resource-intensive queries many times. Also, DBHawk admin can control Job Runtime schedule to restrict scheduling jobs which can affect database performance during peak hours.

Import CSV Job Workload Automation

DBHawk allows to schedule an import CSV job. Using import job scheduler, users can run a job to insert data from a CSV file to a database table at a regular interval. Import data job automation helps to insert daily data directly into database tables.

Job Automation Notification

DBHawk users can receive notification for a scheduled job.

SQL Job Scheduler Manager

With DBHawk SQL Job Manager, users can monitor various scheduled jobs. Users can edit an existing job. View first run, next run and last runtime information. Users can also start a job, pause a job or delete a job.

SQL Jobs Auditor

DBHawk logs all SQL Jobs activities. DBHawk admin can get SQL Job history with detailed information for auditing purpose.

Enterprise-class failover and load balancing

DBHawk design supports failover and load balancing with able to run jobs on the different server machine. DBHawk job module is a separate web module and can deploy in a clustered server environment to address enterprise-class failover and load balancing.

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