The All-in-one Database Management and Security Tool

All-in-one Database Management and Security Tool

Datasparc’s flagship product DBHawk™, offers unprecedented data security, database management, data governance, and data analytics all in one comprehensive platform. DBHawk provides secure access and support for all of the major on-premise, cloud, SQL, and NoSQL databases.

Datasparc’s flagship product DBHawk™, offers unprecedented data security, database management, data governance, and data analytics all in one comprehensive platform. DBHawk provides secure access and support for all of the major on-premise, cloud, SQL, and NoSQL databases.

DBHawk The All-in-one Database Management and Security Tool

Trusted by our customers to protect and access their data

Why Use DBHawk

DBHawk offers an enterprise ready web-based platform with a wide range of features and capabilities for transforming how you manage data.

  • Zero Trust Data Access to only what you need
  • Online SQL editor and query tool to build, edit, and run database queries
  • Centralized security, auditing, and insights into your user’s activities
  • Dynamic data masking and central auditing log capabilities
  • 100% browser based unified database management tool for all on-premise and cloud databases
  • Perform cross-database join queries including Oracle, Hive, Redshift, MySQL, and more
  • Built-in charts, reports, and dashboards for powerful insights
  • Integrated team sharing for improved cross collaboration
  • Integration with SAML, LDAP, SSO, OKTA, and API
  • Data regulation compliance for GDPR and HIPAA

Powerful Features Built to Transform Database Management

Supported Databases

DBHawk supports a wide array of SQL and NoSQL databases as well as secure access to on-
premise and cloud databases.

DBHawk Supported databases
SQL Query Builder

Advanced SQL Editor

DBHawk’s online SQL editor feature offers users a web-based interface for creating, editing, and running database queries.

Online Query Formatter

Format SQL queries and beautify SQL statements with displayed color syntax highlights.

SQL IntelliSense and Autocomplete

DBHawk SQL online IDE provides SQL auto-completion to show tables, columns,
schemas, and special keywords as you type, greatly increasing productivity.

Ad-Hoc Reporting

 Ad-Hoc Reporting

DBHawk offers an ad-hoc reporting tool with powerful features for defining your data access policy and building insightful SQL charts & data dashboards.

Self-Service BI

DBHawk provides a complete ad-hoc reporting solution for enabling IT users to create data access control policies.

Ad-Hoc SQL Charts, data dashboards

View database data from your most important data sources and build out advanced tables and charts for easy visualization.

SQL Query Builder

SQL Query Builder

DBHawk is the first web-based query builder that provides an easy-to-use tool for generating complex SQL queries. With DBHawk, you can create queries without the need to write even a single line of code—the intuitive interface will help you add conditions and build your data query with just a few clicks.

Online SQL Query with Live Data Preview

DBHawk displays live data previews as you build SQL queries online. Users can apply various filter conditions on live data, sort results, and select/unselect columns.

Query Builder - Drag and Drop Tables

Users can open the SQL builder and build SQL queries by dragging and dropping tables on the query builder, with the ability to work on different builders at the same time.

Data Security

Database Security

DBHawk delivers a centralized server-based solution for database activity monitoring (DAM). Gain secure access to databases hosted in the cloud or on-premises locations.

Data Masking

DBHawk supports dynamic data masking based on the user’s predefined policy. With DBHawk central policy management, administrators can give access to specific data to end users.

2FA, Secure Access, LDAP Integration

DBHawk supports secure two-factor authentication, SSL, and integration with LDAP. To better safeguard time-sensitive access, DBHawk provides user accounts with password expiration and active/inactive status. Additionally, DbHawk adds password protection and expiration dates to make sharing dashboards and SQL snippets secure.

SQL Automation

SQL Job Scheduler

Automate your SQL workflow across various platforms and applications with DBHawk’s SQL job scheduler feature.

SQL Jobs Auditor

DBHawk logs all SQL job activities and provides admins with detailed information on SQL job history for auditing purposes.

Enterprise-class Failover and Load Balancing

DBHawk supports failover and load balancing with the ability to run jobs on various different server machines.

what Our Clients are Saying

"Excellent database software for securing and tracking production access."

CEO Digital Insure

“With one tool in DBHawk, we can connect to almost any type of database both in the cloud and locally. In addition, we can manage all the administration features from the front end, leaving the more complex db administration out of the mix.”

Andrew B.

"DBHawk strict GDPR regulations capabilities further strengthen our position as the leading student information system in the Netherlands."


“The ability to work from anywhere and any computer to view database-related issues. I do not
have to worry about whether I have my work computer or not.”

Clayton A.

Take Control of Your Database Management and Security

DBHawk offers a versatile database management tool with features and supported databases
unmatched by any competitor. Take control of the data that matters with DBHawk’s all-in-one
database security and access solution.

Ready to have peace of mind for your database security and management?