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When you need a reliable analytic data warehouse, you may want to look into Snowflake, a soft-wareas-a-service (SaaS) cloud data platform that is flexible and ideal for cost-effective big data processing. You can get the most from it with the right SQL editor that you can access from any browser and allows you to build, run, and edit database queries anywhere you are. The best SQL editor for Snowflake can boost your productivity as it enables efficient, simple, and robust SQL database analysis, even if you lack IT expertise. Here are some qualities to consider when selecting a good Snowflake SQL editor:

  • Web-based interface – It should be a sever-based solution that will not require software installation on every computer you use in the office. It can be installed on your server and it should be ready to use from any computer using a browser window.
  • SQL IntelliSense and Autocomplete – The best SQL editor for Snowflake improves your productivity by showing schemas, columns, tables, and special keywords as you type.
  • Run queries in the background – Upload your local SQL files and let them rum in the background to save time and minimize your effort when there are too much queries to run. The SQL editor will update you on their progress as they run.
  • Database query editor – Execute queries online with ease. You should have the option to open several editor windows.
  • SQL sharing – Collaborate more effectively with the best SQL editor for Snowflake that shows the SQL query history of every user. It should allow you to share your database queries with external users, too, and give control over how others can access the query, such as with expiration dates and password protection.
  • Online query formatter – Format as you query, and customize SQL statements with color syntax highlights.
  • Run multiple queries – Use the best SQL editor for Snowflake to run as many queries as possible, while knowing the progress for each one.
  • Export – Using the tool, you can export the results into different formats and have them sent to your cloud storage.
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