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Using an SQL editor can be practical if you want a more flexible way to access and manage your database. DBHawk offers an advanced online SQL editor that lets you build, run, and edit SQL queries right on your browser. The feature-rich, intuitive interface is easy to use, regardless of skill set, so you can instantly start managing your databases efficiently and conveniently online. DBHawk is developed to improve database analysis by making it simpler, so you save time while boosting productivity. DBHawk online SQL editor is currently the leading online SQL editor for the following reasons:

  • It provides pure browser-based access – DBHawk lets you access everything from your browser, so you do not have to install any SQL client on your computer. This way, you can save money and time, and eliminate the need to go through lengthy training to use the software. It simplifies maintenance across the enterprise, too.
  • Access your database on-premise or on a cloud – DBHawk lets you access all databases hosted on-premise and clouds like Amazon Redshift, Heroku, and Amazon RDS. This can be handy for developers who need to deploy the platform on-premise or on the cloud from anywhere.
  • Reporting tools – There are web SQL reporting tools that can let business data analysts create dashboards, reports, and custom data visualization. Using the query builder, database report designer, SQL editor, and job scheduler, you can create, schedule, or publish database reports in a few simple clicks.
  • Secure – DBHawk lets you access your database from a single platform, making it more secure and convenient, especially when you need to perform audits. Administrators can keep tabs on everyone who logs in or logs out, and audit activities through a user-friendly administrative screen.
  • Available for a free trial – Not sure if DBHawk is for you? Get in touch with a dedicated provider for a live demo and request a free trial. That way, you can use DBHawk online SQL editor and see for yourself what makes it good.
Advantages of Using DBHawk Online Editor SQL


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