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To learn SQL, you typically have to install software that will let you practice on your computer. The problem is that it’s often costly to purchase and renew software products. It’s also NOT the most flexible way to learn. You’re probably better off using an online SQL editor. It will let you practice on any computer from any browser without the need to install any client and without writing a line of code. This makes it convenient and more user-friendly even for generating complex queries!

With an intuitive interface, the online SQL editor lets you add conditions, generate a query with just a few clicks, and use a drag and drop feature to apply aggregate functions. Here are more ways you can practice SQL with it:

1. Query editor

Run delete, update, select, and insert statements online, or cancel long-running queries. You can also open multiple editor windows. The IDE is supported with different databases, so you can practice editing and building queries for different platforms with it. Using the single row viewer, you can explore data view in form format to simplify results analytics.

2. Autocomplete

The online SQL editor comes with Auto complete and SQL Intelligence to boost your productivity. It should show schemas, columns, tables, and special keywords while you type.

3. Run SQL queries in the background

Upload local SQL files and make them execute in the background. This way, you can let time-consuming queries run, even while you work on other databases.

4. Collaborate

Using the online SQL editor, you can track the query history of other users you are learning with. You can rename SQL to determine queries for later use, and with the share feature, you can share saved queries with your team to enhance collaboration and avoid lost work.

5. Build D3-based charts

Using query results, you can build different D3-based intuitive charts and export results online.

6. Run SQL explain plans

Use the tool to show the SQL Execution Plan to troubleshoot query performance issues.


Want to Learn SQL? Follow These 6 Ways to Practice SQL Online


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