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Thinking of using a SQL editor? It can be handy for running, editing, and building SQL queries without being restricted to using only one computer. With an online SQL editor, you can conduct data analysis anywhere on any device that has a reliable and secure web browser and internet access. Here is a guide that can help you make the most of a SQL editor for data analysis:

  • Using the feature-rich and intuitive interface – It is completely based online, so database analysis should become efficient, simpler, and more powerful, even if you lack IT expertise. Use the SQL editor to execute SQL queries, like SELECT, DELETE, INSERT, and UPDATE statements. You can use it to cancel queries that have been running for a while, too.
  • You can multitask – An efficient web-based SQL editor tool can let you open multiple editor windows. By clicking the top right SQL button or right-clicking the table, you should be able to load table Select statements into the query editor. The same editor can let you upload saved queries or save SQL queries.
  • Executing multiple queries – Use the online SQL editor to execute multiple SQL queries in real-time. Run multiple SELECT statements and let the editor execute them and display the results in multiple tabs. If you are running several UPDATE or INSERT statements at a time, the online SQL editor will display the progress for every statement and continue running other statements, even if an error occurs with one or more statements.
  • Use the SQL explain plan – The query plan tells you how the query will be executed or how it was executed. That way, you have all the data that you need when you need to troubleshoot query performance issues. The online SQL editor will show the execution details for Oracle SQL, and the query execution plan for SQL server.
A Beginner’s Guide to Data Analysis Using SQL Editor


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