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Various Features of a Good Online SQL Editor Tool

Manish Shah

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When working with SQL, you will need to install a local client in your computer and be limited to using the same machine, unless you install the same software into another device. You do not have to worry about that with an online SQL editor, a tool that lets you access and manage your database from your web browser securely and easily. It can be a practical addition to your database management tools if you are involved in database usage and development, business intelligence analytics, and other related tasks.

Various features make an online SQL editor better than other alternatives, like phpMyAdmin. One of the most important features is the intuitive user interface, which lets you do everything in one place such as ad-hoc SQL reporting, SQL job scheduling, and SQL Dashboarding. Developers have a visual query builder for dragging and dropping database tables, and create queries, parameterized reports, and D3-based charts with the simplicity of point-and-click actions.

A good online SQL editor is secure with built-in two-factor authentication and a feature that enables access without exposing the database password and username to LDAP and other users. Collaboration is made simpler as there are tools for sharing SQL queries, snippets, dashboards, and reports. The centralized security platform allows administrators to audit and gain insights on user activities. Old school SQL editors are mostly limited to Windows systems, but a high-end online SQL editor can run on other platforms, like Linux or Mac, or with Docker.

Versatility of an online SQL editors eliminate the need to install multiple tools on your computers, as they already come with all the necessary features, which you can access through your browser. A constraints manager lets you specify rules for data in the table, an online trigger manager for viewing, creating, and altering trigger details, a table grant manager, and stored programs manager.

Various Features of a Good Online SQL Editor Tool


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