• 100% Browser Based single tool for all on-premises or cloud databases
  • Perform Cross-Database Join Queries including Hive, Redshift, MySQL, etc
  • Built-in Charts / Reports / Dashboards / Scheduler feature
  • Central Security, Audit, and insights about user’s activities
  • Built-in team sharing, Share SQL Queries, Reports, Snippets, and dashboards with your team
  • Integrate with LDAP, SSO, OKTA, and API
  • Built-in Object Access control – no change to the database
  • Single client-server tool for each database
  • No Cross-Database Join Query Concept
  • Different tool for Charts / Reports / Dashboards
  • No Central Data Security, Auditing
  • No Team Sharing
  • No integration
  • Access control through database users, grants and permission

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How DBHawk can help your business?

Data Security

Using DBHawk, our customers were able to comply with GDPR, HIPAA, SOX, GLBA, and other regulations and were able to implement SOD.

Ad-Hoc Reporting | Self-Service BI Tool

Self-Service BI & Ad-Hoc Reporting Tool with feature to define Data Access Policy, Connect to multiple Data sources, Build Powerful SQL Charts and data Dashboards

Online SQL Editor – DBHawk

DBHawk SQL editor is an advanced editor that allows users to build, edit, and run database queries with a web-based interface.

SQL Query Builder Online

DBHawk Query Builder is supported with all major databases such as Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL, Greenplum, MySQL, DB2, Amazon Redshift, Hive, Amazon Athena.

DBHawk SQL Job Scheduler – SQL Automation

Database SQL tasks and batch job automation with a web-based centralized tool

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