Web-based SQL Client | Online SQL Tool

Web-based SQL Client

DBHawk™ is a Web-based SQL Client and Online SQL Reporting Tool for Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, DB2, MariaDB, Netezza, Teradata, SAP HANA, Redshift, MongoDB, Hadoop, Cloud, and major JDBC compliant databases.

Web SQL Client for Cloud Databases

DBHawk provides online access to databases hosted on clouds such as Amazon RDS, Amazon Redshift, Amazon Aurora, Heroku, Google Cloud SQL, and Microsoft Azure.

Ad-hoc Online SQL Reporting Tool

DBHawk is a web-based ad hoc SQL reporting tool that allow users to generate charts, reports, dashboards, and data visualization, and SQL data snippets with SQL job scheduling feature.

Database SQL Auditing & Security Tool

It provides central database security and auditing capability across heterogeneous databases. It allows to track database access and SQL activities.

DBHawk is a web-based SQL Client that is easy to deploy & intuitive to use.

It’s a Next Generation SQL Database development and reporting tool that works with On-premises, cloud databases, and provides Central Security

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Web Based SQL Tool

Why customers choose DBHawk

DBHawk provides seamless access across heterogeneous database platforms. Its central database security and auditing capabilities allow companies to comply with regulations. Its many flexible customization features make the total value of ownership much greater than any other SQL Client & reporting tools in the market.

DBHawk- Web-based SQL Client’s Benefits

  • DBHawk provides true browser based access, NO SQL Client is required to install on the PC. Using DBHawk, customers can save time and money on SQL client software and user training, as well as maintenance across their enterprise.
  • DBHawk gives online access to On-premises as well as databases hosted on clouds such as Amazon RDS, Amazon Redshift and Heroku. Developers can easily deploy DBHawk on a cloud/on-premise and gain quick access through a web browser.
  • DBHawk, a web SQL reporting tool that enables Business Data Analysts to generate Reports, Dashboards, and data visualization. Using online SQL query builder, online SQL editor, database report designer, and Job Scheduler users can build, publish, and schedule database reports themselves with point-and-click simplicity.
  • It provides central database security and auditing capabilities. Administrators can monitor all database user logins, logout and audit SQL activities through a single admin screen.

DBHawk – A Web-based SQL Client | Online SQL Tool

Start managing your SQL databases in the easiest and most efficient way with the help of DBHawk Online SQL Client. Developed specifically to make your database analysis simpler than ever and boost your productivity, DBHawk web-based SQL client is the leading advanced online SQL editor, online SQL formatter, combining intuitive interface with rich features. Completely online-based, it’s designed to make your database analysis powerful, simple and efficient, even if you’re not an IT expert. The simplified navigation enables you to quickly create, update, maintain, search and delete records from your SQL database. Packed with features, the DBHawk web-based SQL Editor allows you to quickly select, update, run, insert or delete SQL series, as well as run procedural queries or schedule SQL jobs. What’s more, with the DBHawk SQL Editor you can format your SQL and manage your database more efficiently, without having to write even one line of SQL! Our advanced SQL editor allows you to view and manage your database data, using the power of SQL directly from your browser and mobile device – no download or installation necessary. Designed to make your database analysis easier than ever, DBHawk Web-based SQL client enables you to retrieve information in a number of formats, and analyze your data in the most powerful way.

Web-based SQL Client | Online SQL Tool