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DBHawk is easy to deploy in the cloud and on-premises & intuitive to use.

Web-Based Database Management

DBHawk™ is a Web-based database management platform for Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, DB2, MariaDB, Netezza, Teradata, SAP HANA, Redshift, MongoDB, Hadoop, Greenplum, Azure SQL, and major JDBC compliant databases.

Cloud Databases Tools

Gain secure online access to databases hosted on clouds such as Amazon RDS, Amazon Redshift, Heroku, Google Cloud SQL, and Microsoft Azure.

Make Data Decisions with Live Data

Make data-driven decisions with self-service BI platform that provides ad-hoc SQL reporting, SQL Charts, Live Data dashboards, SQL Query Builder, Collaboration and scheduling features.

Data Regulation & Security Platform

Comply with data regulation and achieve maximum data security. DBHawk delivers the centralized server-based solution for Database activity monitoring (DAM).

DBHawk is supported with SQL, NoSQL and Cloud Databases.

DBHawk is easy to deploy in the cloud and on-premises & intuitive to use.

Why customers choose DBHawk

DBHawk provides seamless access to heterogeneous database platforms. Its central database security, access control, and auditing capabilities allow companies to comply with regulations. Its many flexible customization features make the total value of ownership much higher than any other SQL Data Analytics/Business Intelligence tools in the market.

DBHawk Benefits compare to other tools

Old Way


Single client-server tool for each database100% Browser Based single tool for all databases
Different tool for Charts / Reports / DashboardsBuilt-in Charts / Reports / Dashboards / Scheduler features
Deploy on a client machine and mostly on WindowsDeploy on Windows, Mac, Linux or with Docker
No Central Data Security, AuditingCentral Security, Audit, and insights about user’s activities
No Team SharingBuilt-in team sharing, Share SQL Queries, Reports, Snippets, and dashboards with your team
No integrationIntegrate with LDAP, SSO, and API
Login with database username / passwordYou can log in without exposing database username & password with LDAP or DBHawk users
No Concept of two-factor authenticationBuilt in two-factor authentication
Access control through database users, grants and permissionBuilt-in Object Access control – no change to database

Powerful Self-Service Business Intelligence Tools

Start analyzing, managing your SQL, NoSQL databases most quickly and efficiently with the help of BI Platform, DBHawk Online SQL Editor, SQL Query Builder, Ad-Hoc SQL Report Builder, SQL Charts & SQL dashboard builder. Developed specifically to make your database analysis more straightforward than ever and boost your productivity. Entirely online-based, it’s designed to make your database analysis compelling, efficient, even if you’re not an IT expert. The simplified navigation enables you to create quickly, update, maintain and share SQL Queries and results. What’s more, with the DBHawk Visual SQL Query Builder you can build queries without having to write even one line of SQL! Our advanced SQL editor allows you to view and manage your database data, using the power of SQL directly from your browser and mobile device – no download or installation necessary. Designed to make your database analysis more accessible than ever, DBHawk enables you to retrieve information in many formats and import data in the most powerful way.