DBHawk Frequently Asked Questions

Our FAQ contains the most frequently asked questions relating to DBHawk, licensing and pricing

01. What exactly DBHawk is?

DBHawk is an all-in-one database management and development platform.

The web-based interface allows you to access, analyze, and manage multiple databases securely and efficiently from a single browser window.

DBHawk allows users to connect to both on-premise and cloud databases effortlessly. SQL developers can carry out intricate SQL queries and business analysts can create SQL queries with an ad-hoc query builder. DBHawk further makes it possible to automate tasks like exporting data to formats including JSON, CSV, and Excel, as well as delivering data to SFTP or Emails.

It allows collaborate with other team members in real time.

DBHawk allows users to analyze their data with interactive charts and graphs for in-depth insight. It works with well-known SQL and NoSQL databases such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, SQL Server, and MongoDB, among others.

In addition, the software includes robust security measures like authentication and authorization protocols, as well as auditing of all database activities and password-free access. These features ensure the protection of your data while you work.

DBHawk is a great tool for managing and developing databases. It can simplify complex tasks and help you get the most out of your data. You can use it as a replacement for popular client server tools like Toad, Oracle SQL Developer, SQL Server Management Studio, among others.

02. What are the DBHawk benefits?

By using DBHawk, users can enjoy the following benefits:

  • A comprehensive unified platform to access & manage multiple databases from one place
  •  Powerful automation tools to streamline data migration & transformation processes
  • Interactive charts & graphs for visualizing data in real time
  • User-friendly interface that is easy to learn and use
  • Security protocols for ensuring the safety of data while working with it
  • Innovative features to make database administration easier than ever before.
  • No need to install any client-server tool on any machine. Secure browser based access

03. There are many free SQL tools. Why should I try and buy DBHawk?

You get what you pay for! 

DBHawk is designed to make life easier for database administrators and SQL developers by providing an easy-to-use, secure, and unified platform for managing multiple databases from different vendors. DBHawk’s intuitive user interface simplifies common tasks like query building, data visualization, security settings management, creating tables and users, running reports and analytics with ease. It also provides a secure environment for accessing and managing databases from any device or location. Since it's a web-based tool, there's no need to install any software on your machine. Finally, DBHawk is secure and allows for access from any device or location. All of these features make DBHawk a great choice for developers, admins and business users alike.

04. what is the license term?

DBHawk can be purchased with an annual license term. Annual License will allow customers to use the DBHawk for one year and entitle a customer to download updates to the software and to receive technical support and maintenance. Our license model is named user/year with yearly commitment. For pricing details please visit DBHawk Pricing page.

05. What are the DBHawk key database security features?

DBHawk offers powerful security features to protect the data and ensure the safety of databases. It offers comprehensive authentication and authorization services with secure user access control, encryption for data communication, as well as automated audit logging and reporting. Additionally, DBHawk provides extra security measures such as built-in two factor authentication (2FA) and multi-factor authentication (MFA) to authenticate users securely. Password less access to your databases with AWS secrets manager, Azure key vaults or GCP secrets manager. Finally, it also supports role based access control to limit which employees can access specific database objects. All of these features help ensure that sensitive information is kept safe from unauthorized eyes. 

06. Is DBHawk 100% web-based? Are there any local files such as java or other program required on the user´s machine?

DBHawk is 100% browser-based and no Java or any other file requires on the user’s machine.

07. How secure is dBHawk?

DBHawk is as secure as your current applications. Most of our customer use DBHawk to get and give secure access to their databases. DBHawk works with your current security measures such as SSL and firewalls. It is developed using advanced web-based technologies. DBHawk uses AES-256 encryption to store all DBHawk related data. All internal DBHawk data are encrypted with the customer’s own encryption key and salt mechanism. DBHawk provides a secured login with 2-factor authentication. DBHawk supports SAML, LDAP, OKTA and SSO. DBHawk runs on the server and hence it provides central security and database activities monitoring. DBHawk can be deployed on on-premise or hosted in the cloud. Customers do not require to open up a firewall or share any data with us. A customer has total control over their data.

08. Can DBHawk help us to achieve various regulation compliance for our data?

Absolutely, DBHawk runs on the server and provides central security. All database activities are logged, all SQL queries are logged. DBHawk access control provides extra security for database objects access. Customers can use DBHawk to achieve HIPAA, SOX, GDPR or other data related compliance.

09. Our database are hosted in the cloud, can we use dBHawk with cloud databases such as aWS RDS, redshift, azure, etc?

Yes, you can install DBHawk in the cloud infrastructure and connect to your databases. Using DBHawk, you can connect to your databases within your VPN/VPC.

10. Can we export and import data on aWS S3?

Yes, you can configure DBHawk to export and import data on AWS S3.

11. Can we integrate DBHawk with our application as an ad-hoc BI tool?

Yes, DBHawk provides various API and SAML based SSO for easy integration with other applications. Some of our customers use DBHawk to integrate with their offerings. It adds value to their offering and provides secure access to their customer’s databases to customers.

12. Are you offering DBHawk as a saaS solution?

No infrastructure, no problem, we offer a SaaS solution also.

13. Do i have to install any database client, java or get any plug-in on my machine?

No, you don’t need to install any database Client or any plug-in to access DBHawk. You just need a modern web browser!

14. What operating systems it runs on?

DBHawk is developed using Java-based web technologies, so it will run on the platform where java can run. Supported platforms are Windows, Linux & MacOS. DBHawk can also deployed with Docker or Kubernetes. 

15. What java version is required?

Current DBHawk requires Java 8 or higher.

16. What web server is required?

DBHawk is supported with Tomcat Server and included in the software build.

17. What are the supported databases?

DBHawk is supported with Oracle, DB2, SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Amazon RDS, Amazon Aurora, Azure SQL, Amazon Redshift, Greenplum, Netezza, Teradata, SAP-Hana, MariaDB, MongoDB, DynamoDB, Amazon Athena (S3), Cassandra, Vertica, Snowflake, Exasol, Databricks, SingleStore, Presto and many other JDBC compliant databases.

18. How difficult it is to install?

It is easy to install. The complete installation process takes less than 30 minutes.

19. Can I View data charts, dashboards, etc on my tablet or on a mobile device?

Yes, DBHawk supports responsive design and all our charts/dashboards look awesome on the mobile devices.

20. Can I schedule various jobs such as import data, export data, reports, etc?

Yes, DBHawk is designed to make SQL automation a breeze. We believe a user should not spend time doing repetitive tasks. You can schedule various jobs and receive results by email, sftp or save on the disk.

21. Can we import/export data to Microsoft excel?

Yes, DBHawk support import-export data with Microsoft Excel and also with CSV formats.

22. What about customization?

DBHawk can be customized according to your needs. It is designed and developed such a way that customization is very easy to achieve within a short duration.