Ad-Hoc Reporting
Self-Service BI Tool

Self-Service BI & Ad-Hoc Reporting Tool with feature to define Data Access Policy, Connect to multiple Data sources, Build Powerful SQL Charts and data Dashboards

Ad hoc is a Latin word, and it means “for this situation.” Nowadays, business analysts are working on various business intelligence (BI) requests. They need to generate Data reports, charts, dashboards, etc. without relying on IT. If IT can provide required secured access to data, a business analyst can quickly connect to needed data sources, write or build SQL queries, generates charts, dashboards, and reports and share with others and act on business needs quickly.

Self-Service BI

DBHawk provides complete ad-hoc reporting solution. It allows IT to create data access control policy, so they feel comfortable giving access to required data quickly to the business users.

Ad-Hoc SQL Charts, data dashboards

Once business intelligence users get access to data, they can connect to the data source, work on writing SQL queries using DBHawk Online SQL Editor or build SQL queries using Visual SQL Query builder with limited SQL knowledge without having to write even one line of SQL! DBHawk advanced SQL editor, table and views data browser, allows to view and manage database data.

Visualize & Analyze Data with Powerful Dashboards

Once SQL Queries are ready and results are analyzed, BI users can start building various ad-hoc data Charts, ad-hoc Reports, and Dashboards. BI Users can build various charts such as Line Chart, Pie Chart, Area Chart, Scatterplot, Bar charts, Choropleth Maps, Data grids, Counters with few clicks. DBHawk allows users to build intuitive dashboards with drag and drop.

Easy and Secure Collaboration with other Business users

After creating, BI users can share ad-hoc reports and d3 based charts, dashboards with other users by email or links. Responsive dashboard design allows BI users to view dashboards with the browser or on mobile devices. DBHawk allows sharing easy and secure by password protecting links or allowing to set expiration date. BI users can also share SQL queries with other users using Online SQL Editor sharing.

Reporting Automation

DBHawk SQL job scheduler allows users to schedule ad-hoc reports to run at regular interval and receive results by email. Users can export data into PDF, Excel, HTML format.

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