DB2 web-based data studio

All-in-one solution simplifies data development and management while safeguarding your DB2 databases.

Simplify DB2 Management with DBHawk's All-in-One  Toolkit

DBHawk empowers you to manage and analyze your DB2 data with ease. This web-based platform offers a comprehensive DB2 GUI studio, making it ideal for both beginners and experienced database developers.

Key Features:

  • Effortless Database Management: DBHawk streamlines tasks like querying, analyzing, importing/exporting files, and building complex SQL queries.
  • Advanced Functionality: Utilize the Online SQL Editor, Query Builder, and Job Scheduler to unlock the full potential of your DB2 environment.
  • Remote Accessibility: The web-based platform grants you secure access and management of your DB2 database from anywhere, perfect for remote teams. You can access DB2 database running on premise, Amazon RDS for DB2, or any other cloud.
  • Intuitive Interface: DBHawk's user-friendly design ensures a smooth learning curve, even for those new to database development.
  • Comprehensive Management: Perform a wide range of tasks, including creating/modifying tables, indexes, and views, while optimizing database performance and security.

    DBHawk is your one-stop solution for streamlined DB2 management and analysis.

DBHawk DB2 features at a glance

  • All-in-One Tool for Database Developers, DBAs and DevOps
  • Multiple Databases - Single tool
  • No client software needed - Browser-Based
  • Powerful DB2 Online SQL Editor
  • Web-Bases DB2 Visual SQL Query Builder
  • Auditing and tracking of each user's activities
  • Dynamic Data Masking
  • SSO/SAML Access
  • Support on premises, AWS RDS DB2 databases

Trusted by our customers to protect and access their data

DB2 Web-Based SQL Studio
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DB2 Data Browser

DB2 Data Browser

DBHawk empowers you with full control over your database directly in your browser. View, edit, insert, update, and delete table data with ease. Duplicate rows or update values in a flash. DBHawk even provides built-in viewers for text and blob data, ensuring clear data visualization.

DB2 Data Filter

DB2 Data Filter

Find and Manage Data Faster: DBHawk's advanced data filter lets you pinpoint specific records, then swiftly view, edit, insert, update, or delete them for streamlined database management.

DB2 Export/Import Data

 DB2 Export and Import Data

Effortlessly move your data with DBHawk's robust export and import tools. Export entire tables, specific SQL query results, or even view data – all in various formats to suit your needs. Choose to save your exported data locally on your disk or securely upload it to Amazon S3 storage. 

DB2 Online Data Editor

DB2 Online Data Editor

DBHawk empowers you with seamless data control. Effortlessly update, insert, and delete records using the intuitive user interface. DBHawk even handles binary data with ease, allowing you to modify or add these complex data types without hassle

DB2 Online Table Manager

DB2 Online Table Manager

Effortlessly manage your tables with DBHawk. Create, rename, or drop tables in just a few clicks. Gain valuable insights with features like total row counts, and detailed column views – all within a user-friendly interface.

DB2 View Manager

 DB2 View Manager

DBHawk simplifies view management: Create, rename, or drop views with ease. Gain insights with features like row counts, data filtering, and detailed column views – all within an intuitive online interface.

DB2 Column Manager

DB2 Column Manager

Users can view column details, alter database columns, and add new columns with ease using DBHawk's intuitive interface.

DB2 Index Manager

DB2 Online Index Manager

Easily view and manage indexes with DBHawk, including index uniqueness, type, columns, statistics and add new indexes with a new index screen, preview SQL and drop indexes.

DB2 Constraints Manager

 DB2 Constraints Manager

Take control of your data integrity with DBHawk's constraint management. View existing constraints, define new primary, foreign, and unique key constraints directly within the web interface, and easily remove them when needed.

DB2 Online Trigger Manager

DB2 Trigger Manager

Manage triggers with precision using DBHawk, view trigger details including type and events, add new triggers with a new trigger screen and preview SQL before creating them, and drop triggers.

DB2 Table Grant Manager

DB2 Table Grant Manager

DBHawk simplifies table access control. Gain complete visibility into existing grants, and effortlessly assign SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, and other permissions to users – all within a user-friendly interface.

DB2 Online Stored Programs Manager

DB2 Stored Programs Manager

DBHawk empowers you to write and manage DB2 stored programs with ease. Craft new functions, procedures, and triggers, or modify existing ones directly within the online code editor. 

Web-Based SQL Job Scheduler

Online SQL Job Scheduler

Schedule reports and automate tasks with DBHawk's online SQL Job Scheduling feature, receive results by email or save on disk.

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SQL Report  Builder

Online SQL Report Builder

DBHawk provides ad-hoc SQL report building capabilities. A user can create PDF, Excel, CSV reports.
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Ad-Hoc Data Charts and Dashboards

Build Data Charts and Dashboards

Create powerful and insightful charts and dashboards with DBHawk, and easily share them with all other users for quick collaboration.

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DB2 Online SQL Editor

DB2 Online SQL Editor

DBHawk's Online SQL Editor goes beyond basic querying. Execute, format, and manage your SQL history with ease. Plus, leverage powerful features like grid data sorting, filtering, and column selection to refine your results. Even apply math functions directly within the editor for on-the-fly analysis.

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DB2 Online SQL Query Builder

DB2 Online SQL Query Builder

Leave the code behind! DBHawk's DB2 Online SQL Query Builder empowers you to craft complex queries with ease. Simply drag and drop tables in the web-based interface, and DBHawk intelligently builds the relationships for you. Preview your data live as you build, and generate powerful SQL queries without writing a single line of code.

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Online DB2 SQL Data Studio 


Effortless DB2 Management, Anywhere: DBHawk's Intuitive Web-Based SQL Client

Stop wrestling with DB2! DBHawk's all-in-one web GUI simplifies data management, streamlines queries, and empowers exploration & analysis. Request a free demo and unlock the power of your DB2 data.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is DB2?

Db2, which stands for Database 2, is a family of data management products developed by IBM. It primarily focuses on relational databases, a type of database that stores information in a structured format with rows and columns.

How does DBHawk differ from other DB2 client tools?

DBHawk differs from other DB2 client tools by being a universal platform that manages various databases, not just Db2. It also boasts a web-based interface for easy access, collaboration features, data visualization tools, and automation capabilities, making it a more comprehensive and user-friendly solution.

How does DBHawk safeguard my valuable data?

DBHawk protects your data with a three-pronged approach: multi-factor authentication and access controls limit who sees what, audit trails track all activity, and dynamic masking sensitive data for additional security.

Does DBHawk work seamlessly with my existing technology stack?

DBHawk integrates smoothly with your existing tech stack thanks to three features: web browser access eliminates software installation hassles, robust APIs enable data exchange with your existing tools, and SSO/SAML support simplifies logins using your existing credentials.

How does DBHawk handle large amounts of data?

While DBHawk itself not directly process massive data, it facilitates working with large volumes effectively. It leverages the processing power of the underlying databases (like Db2 or Snowflake) which are designed to handle big data. DBHawk then optimizes the user experience by offering features like query builders and visualizations to analyze this data efficiently.

How does DBHawk help with data visualization?

DBHawk empowers data exploration with interactive charts, graphs, and real-time reports. Customize visualizations to your needs and stay on top of your data with up-to-the-minute updates.

How can I request a demo or trial version of DBHawk's DB2 features?

Ready to see DBHawk in action? Request a demo or trial to explore DB2 capabilities.

Can I use DBHawk to connect with AWS RDS DB2 database?

Absolutely! DBHawk works with cloud databases and is compatible with JDBC-compliant databases like AWS RDS DB2. This means you can connect and manage your AWS RDS DB2 instance directly through DBHawk.

How DBHawk Empowers Business Analysts (Even Without SQL Knowledge!)?

DBHawk bridges the gap for business analysts. Its intuitive interface and pre-built tools replace complex SQL with drag-and-drop and visual exploration, while interactive dashboards and collaboration features empower data analysis for everyone.

Many Databases, Single Tool, No Client Software

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