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An advanced online SQL editor lets you create, run, and manage SQL queries using an intuitive interface that you can access anytime and anywhere using a browser. An online SQL editor like DBHawk is a crucial tool if you want an extremely efficient way to manage databases. It can make database analysis faster and simpler and can be used even by those who have minimal IT knowledge and experience. Below is a list of the key features of an online SQL editor—features that can allow you to manage complex SQL databases more efficiently:

Execution and explain plans – These query plans are crucial when troubleshooting performance issues, as it helps determine how particular queries are executed while displaying all execution details.

SQL Editor – The DBHawk editor lets you run statements such as DELETE, SELECT, UPDATE, or INSERT. You can also terminate long-running queries as well as execute SQL queries. It is possible to open multiple editor windows.

Execution of multiple queries online – You can simultaneously run several SELECT statements. DBHawk will execute each statement and then show respective results (in multiple tabs). The progress of every statement is also shown. Should an error be encountered, DBHawk will continue running the rest of the statements—it won’t pause or wait for your command.

Formatter and history viewer – A robust online SQL editor lets you employ color syntax to format queries online. It’s easy to save and retrieve the SQL history of authorized users.

Finally, a good online SQL editor like DBHawk allows you to upload, save, or download SQL via your local file system. It is capable of running many SQL queries simultaneously. It’s easy to deploy and works with cloud databases and On-premises, and provides Central Security.

Overview: Online SQL Query Builder


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