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DBHawk Online SQL editor is an advanced editor that allows users to build, edit, and run database queries with a web-based interface.

Online SQL editor has been thoughtfully developed to boost your productivity. It makes SQL databases analysis robust, simple, and efficient—even if you’re not an IT expert. When working with various databases and doing data analytics work, it is important to have various features with a database editor. DBHawk provides all needed features to make data analytics work easy and collaborative.

As a server-based solution, it doesn’t require installing software on your machine—Just Install it on the server and run SQL queries through a browser window.

SQL IntelliSense and Autocomplete

SQL IntelliSense and Autocomplete Improve your productivity with SQL IntelliSense and Autocomplete
DBHawk SQL online IDE provides SQL auto-completion. It shows tables, columns, schemas, special keywords as you type.

Run database SQL Queries in Background

Users can upload local SQL files and submit them to execute in the background—a useful feature when many time-consuming queries need to run or when many databases insert SQL queries. DBHawk refreshes the progress screen and allows users to view the progress during the runtime.

Database Query Editor

Database users can execute queries online. They can run SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE or DELETE statements, and cancel long-running queries. Also, users can open multiple editor windows.

Users can open Select table statements in a query editor by right-clicking on the table name or clicking on the top right SQL button. Also, they can save SQL queries or upload saved Queries to the Editor.

DBHawk SQL Online IDE is supported with Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Amazon RDS, Redshift, Greenplum, Teradata, Snowflkae, SAP Hana, Azure databases, Hive, Amazon Athena, MongoDB, and other major databases.

DBHawk SQL Editor auto-completion features make it easy for business users to write queries and join data with various tables. Also, the SQL results grid provides advanced features such as data grid filter, sorting result data, data column selection, data group by function—none of which require users to run SQL queries against a database.

The single row viewer provides the data view in a form format, therefore making results analytics easy by allowing users to view data row by row.

SQL Sharing & Team Collaboration with DBHawk

DBHawk keeps track of users’ SQL query history, which can be sorted by the runtime or a query. It also allows selecting and inserting a query from the history viewer to the editor.

DBHawk users can rename SQL to identify queries for later use, and with query share feature, users can share saved queries with their teammates, improving collaboration and protecting them from lost work.

The snippet feature allows users to share database queries with other external users with all required securities. While sharing, users can control how others can access query via password protection with expiration dates. You can also control whether or not other users can modify queries. Those who receive shared SQL with snippet can run queries, view results, modify results, and export data—all with DBHawk – a simple but powerful collaboration feature.

Online Query Formatter

Online SQL Formatter can format SQL Queries. It beautifies SQL statements and displays SQL with color syntax highlights.

Run Multiple SQL Queries With Online SQL Editor

With DBHawk query editor users can execute multiple queries. Also, users can run numerous SELECT statements. DBHawk will execute SQL statements and display results with separate results tabs. Most noteworthy it allows users to highlight a select single query when there are multiple queries in an editor window.

While running multiple INSERT or UPDATE statements, DBHawk will display progress for each one. If any SQL statements have errors, the other ones will continue running.

Export Results Online

DBHawk editor users can export results into various formats such as CSV, PDF, Excel, and HTML. It also supports to export results to local files or export them directly to Amazon S3 storage. While exporting data results into CSV format, DBHawk provides several options to make results more user-friendly with: Column Separator, Date Format, Charset, and Header/No Header export options.

Build Data Charts with DBHawk Editor

The web-based editor allows users to build various D3-based intuitive charts with query results. The program supports Pie, Line, Bubble, Stacked/Grouped Multi-Bar, Discrete Bar, Stacked/Grouped Area, and other data charts. You can also build data grid items and charts—and use them while creating data dashboards.

Run SQL Explain Plan or SQL Server Plans

DBHawk Editor shows the SQL Execution Plan, which is significant for troubleshooting SQL Query performance issues. DBHawk displays Oracle SQL Explain plan with execution details. For SQL Server, it shows the query execution plan with all execution details.

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