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5 Best Features for Using SQL Server Query Builder

Christina Sanchez

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An online SQL editor is the most versatile and advanced query editor that can let you build, run, and edit SQL queries on a feature-rich and intuitive interface. The best online SQL server query builder is specifically developed to boost your productivity by providing a simpler way to analyze databases. When looking for an SQL server query builder, make sure that it is an advanced platform that provides the benefits of a rich and intuitive interface. That way, you can experience the following five benefits from the features of a leading  online SQL editor: platform:

1. It is completely online – An online-based SQL server query builder makes database analysis more efficient, flexible, and powerful. You do not have to worry about installing any software or application in your computer or mobile devices. You can access your database through a web browser and use all the available tools to build, edit, and run queries online.

2. An intuitive SQL editor – Users can execute SQL queries, run INSERT, DELETE, UPDATE, and SELECT statements, cancel queries that have been running long, and open multiple editor windows. Table select statements can be opened into the SQL query editor, and users may save or upload SQL queries as they please.

3. Multitasking – Advanced SQL editors can execute multiple SQL queries at once. You can run several SELECT statements at a time and the SQL query builder will execute them and display the results on multiple tabs. The progress of each statement will be displayed, too, and in case errors occur in a particular system, the platform will continue to run other statements to avoid downtime.

4. Execution plans – You are provided with a query plan, which shows how the queries were executed and how it will be executed. This way, you know exactly what or how it occurred when troubleshooting performance issues. Likewise, an explain plan is displayed with execution details.

5. Build carts and data grids – Using the SQL server query builder, you can create D3-based and intuitive charts with query results, and build a data grid item, which can be used when building dashboards.

5 Best Features for Using SQL Server Query Builder


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