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Online SQL editors are the second name for convenience. Allowing the users access to the database and all the basic data control functions from any machine, such web-based clients for database management have become extremely sought-after these days. Organizations are rapidly migrating from keeping dedicated computers for information and database development to using online SQL editors to carry out the same operations with relatively greater ease and efficiency. This article elaborates a few tips on how to find good online SQL editor.

With many companies competing in the market in the industry of online SQL editor clients, it would work best for you if you could try out the services of each of them first before making the final purchase. All the good online SQL editor providers would have the confidence of letting their buyers try out the web-based service for free before the purchase. See if you are getting this option with the names you have in mind.

The Internet has almost penetrated every aspect of the execution of business. With so much data stored on web-based storage platforms, the online SQL editors you are considering should be flexible enough to allow import and export of data from your web-based storage client. It would be best to find out whether or not the names you are considering can be configured to do so.

Companies possess information of all sorts, which ranges from generic to highly sensitive. The web-based SQL editor you are considering would, thus, need to have some security measures set in place. For example, it should be possible to configure it to run on your company VPN, adopt the settings of your firewall, should have the provision to set access controls and passwords, etc. Make sure that the security arrangements satisfy you before you make the purchase.

One important aspect of data management that organizations need to deal with is regulations compliance. Instead of having separate controls and software for conformance assurance, find out if an online SQL editor has this integrated. Data-related compliance regulations such as HIPAA and SOX need to be conformed to, and if your web-based SQL editor can do it, nothing gets better.

If you find all the qualities listed above in a web-based SQL editor, you have found a good one.

About the Author: 

This article is written by CTO of Datasparc Inc. Datasparc Inc. is an online web-based SQL tool & database reporting software provider. They offer DBHawk™ – a web-based SQL tool & self-service business intelligence software designed for Oracle, SQL Server and other databases.

How To Find Good Online SQL Editor?


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