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A visual SQL query builder can be a handy tool for easily creating and editing SQL queries, while minimizing the risk of making mistakes. It ensures accurate results, too, and you don’t need to have extensive SQL knowledge or coding prowess to use it, as it offers drag-and-drop and point-and-click simplicity. That makes it practical for non-technical users who might need to create SQL queries fast and conveniently.

What Features to Look for in a Visual SQL Query Builder?

Relational databases can only be queried using SQL, meaning you must use SQL to obtain the data you want from your relational database. Because of this, using a SQL query builder shouldn't be considered a substitute for SQL. Here are the top 3 features to look for when selecting a visual SQL query builder to use.

  1. SQL query builders shouldn’t replace SQL - Search for a query builder that does not attempt to substitute raw SQL for the coding process.
  2. SQL automation capabilities for quicker workflows - Queries should be easier to build or even automatically generated with the aid of the visual components, but the code should always be accessible and editable. Visual SQL query builders can deal with these peculiarities by automatically generating code and by offering a fully functional query editor.
  3. Ease of use - Implementing a visual SQL query builder should enable everyone to access the data they require without the assistance of a developer.

If you’re looking for a visual query builder for SQL, you might want to check out these top four options to get started.

1. DBHawk

Datasparc’s DBHawk database security and management tool offers an  online visual SQL query builder feature that is easily accessible from any browser. The visual query builder has powerful capabilities that let you drag and drop database tables. Use it to build SQL server database ad hoc reports, SQL queries, parameterized reports, D3 based charts, and online data dashboards. DBHawk also lets you schedule reports with ease. Consider requesting a free demo to better learn how it can provide value to your company.


  • DBHawk offers precise data selection for custom reports.
  • Enables ad-hoc reporting to business users.
  • Advanced auto code completion and syntax highlighting.
  • Provides users with safe access to data management.
  • Enables you to connect to an external database.
  • Helps you to build SQL queries to extract data.

Learn more about DBHawk’s visual SQL query builder here.

DBHawk visual SQL query builder

DBHawk visual SQL query builder

2. DbVisualizer

This database tool runs on all major operating systems and it connects to many commercially viable database platforms. Its features, GUI and functions have been optimized for more than 10 years with help from continuous feedback from its customers, which includes data analysts, database administrators, and developers. It is easy to use and simplifies importing and exporting files.

Learn more about DbVisualizer.

3. SQL Prompt

A visual SQL query builder should make it easier and effortless to write, analyze, refactor, and format SQL, and that’s exactly what this tool can do. It autocompletes code and handles the object renaming, formatting, and other distractions, so you can focus on how the code works. You can try it for 28 days free.

Learn more about SQL Prompt.

4. Active Query Builder

Software developers may rely on this visual SQL query builder to visually create SQL queries and obtain data from databases quickly and safely. The full-featured suite is designed specifically for programmers looking to make database schema clearer for the end-users. It has a robust API and SQL parser for analyzing, modifying, and building new queries from scratch. It works with any database server and supports a lot of SQL dialects.

Learn more about Active Query Builder.

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