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Web based database query tools are an amazing resource for an enterprise to possess in the current business climate where accurate information and timely decisions can make or break any chances of profitability and success. Providing the managers and decision makers in your organization with a capability to build complex database queries on the go, without possessing any programming knowledge makes the entire business unit more self-sufficient, effective and responsive towards the immediate market stimulus. So if you are looking to grab the best web-based database query tool for use in your business enterprise, make sure you follow the below mentioned pointers:

  • Make sure you select a web based database query tool that provides true browser based access. This means no need to install any third party SQL Client on a user’s PC.
  • The query tool should provide access to databases maintained on-premises as well as those hosted on popular cloud servers like Amazon RDS, Amazon Redshift, and Heroku.
  • Look for multi-platform compatibility including Amazon redshift, MongoDB, MySQL, Netezza, Oracle, SAP Hana, Teradata, SQL Server, Greenplum and more.
  • Ensure that the web-based database query tool you select for your organization is enterprise-ready and offers a wide range of security and audit features like role-based access control, two factor authentication, flexible deployment options, SSL support, encryption, auditing and advanced monitoring for better security in an expansive enterprise setting.
  • Advanced BI capabilities are also a must have with options to generate reports, Dashboards, SQL Charts and visual data display options. Scheduling of database reports is also an important feature to look for here.
  • The user training required for getting maximum utility from the web-based database query tool you select should be minimal. IT intervention shouldn’t be needed to perform requisite data analysis tasks.

Just follow the above-mentioned set of pointers to find the best web-based database query tool for your needs.

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