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You can create SQL queries either manually or using tools to simplify and automate the repetitive aspects of the process. SQL query tools will let you do that with ease while ensuring accuracy and speed even without any coding or SQL knowledge. The best ones come with handy features such as point-and-click and drag-and-drop simplicity so that even users who lack technical expertise can quickly build SQL queries. These tools also have a charting functionality that lets you save SQL query results as dashboards, reports, or charts. Likewise, they will enable you to create queries for data extraction.

How do you know which SQL query tool to use? Here’s a quick guide and some suggestions:

Find a web-based solution

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could build queries and manage your database from anywhere? That’s where fully web-based solutions come in. SQL query tools, such as DBHawk, can be accessed from any device with a browser, so you can efficiently and quickly create and manage SQL queries and make drag and drop database tables. Look for a unified tool that can work for cloud or on-premise databases and is deployable on your operating system.

Ensure a simple and intuitive interface

The SQL query tool should let you build SQL server database parameterized and ad hoc reports and build D3 based charts and online data dashboards with just a few clicks. Consider an interface that will make it easier to schedule reports and jobs.

Explore the security features

Choose SQL query tools with zero trust data access. That means they will provide access to only what you need. Choose a tool that offers centralized auditing, insights, and security on your user’s activities, with built-in fine-grained object access control and column-level data masking.

Try it for free

Some of the best SQL query tools offer a free demo and a free trial. Consider signing up to see how a particular tool can work for you.

Best SQL Query Tools in 2021 and How to Select the Right One


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