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If you work mostly with MySQL, you may want to consider using a web-based third-party client that will facilitate and simplify database development, administration, and management. With the right MySQL client tool, you can work remotely or on-premise, and have an intuitive alternative user interface that supports SQL job scheduling, dashboarding, and reporting. Here are the features that you can look for when selecting the best web-based MySQL client:

  • Online data browser – Consider a MySQL client tool that offers full online database browsing. That way, you can view and edit table data, insert new data, delete, or update data from your preferred browser, create duplicate rows or update values, and view blob data with a single click.
  • Data filter – An advanced online database filter can be applied on view data and table data. With a few clicks, you can apply table data, too.
  • Online data editor – The MySQL client tool should be an intuitive platform that lets you update, delete, or insert data, and update and insert binary data without writing a single line of code.
  • Online table manager and view manager – The MySQL client should make it easier to create, rename, or drop tables, count the total rows, view column details, and change table engine, while simplifying the creation of a new view, or drop, or rename views.
  • Import and export data – Using the web-based MySQL client tool, you can export SQL query results data, view, and table data into formats like PDF, Excel, HTML, or CSV. Exported data can be saved to Amazon S3 or a local disc. With the import CSV feature, you can import the CSV data into the database tables.
  • Column and index managers – The intuitive user interface should help you view column details, add new columns, or alter database columns, as well as view index details using index type, columns, uniqueness, and statistics. The MySQL client tool should provide the means to add new with a new index screen, drop an index, or preview the SQL before creating an index.
What Is the Best Web-Based MySQL Client?


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