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If you are a developer using MySQL, you can increase your productivity by using an advanced client tool that can be an alternative to phpMyAdmin. A MySQL query builder comes with all the tools and features you will need to schedule a job, manage your database, conduct ad-hoc reporting, and explore databases. Here are some of the features you should look for when selecting a query builder for MySQL:

  • Intuitive user interface – Pick a query builder that eliminates the need to write SQL code to conduct tasks. It should come with point and click simplicity, and it should let you drag and drop database tables, build SQL server database ad hoc reports and queries, parameterized reports, D3 based charts, and online data dashboards in a few clicks.
  • Scheduler – Look for a MySQL query builder that comes with a scheduling feature for scheduling reports. A good platform should let you receive results via email or have them saved on your local hard drive. Another option lets you save reports in the cloud. Reports can be saved in formats like CSV, Excel, and PDF.
  • Data browser – Full database browsing capabilities let you edit table data, view database tables, insert new data, and update or delete data. It lets you create duplicate rows and update values, too. Make sure there is a viewer that can let you explore text and blob data.
  • Data filter and table manager – A MySQL data filter feature lets you apply table data using advanced database filters, and the table manager lets you rename, create a new, or drop a table, or count the total rows in the table.
  • Constraints manager – This feature lets you specify rules for data in a table and view constraint details such as constraint columns and the type. It should let you add new foreign, primary, and unique key constraints or drop index.
  • Web-based – Go for a MySQL query builder that you can access from any browser using any device. That way, you do not have to worry about buying and installing software and licenses on every computer, and you can access your database anywhere.
Features to Look for In MySQL Query Builder


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