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With MySQL among the widely used database platforms, many tools have been developed to make it easier for users to create, design, and administer it. That said, it can be overwhelming to go over every MySQL GUI tool you can find, let alone try each and every solution until you can decide which one is best for your needs! To save you from the trouble of doing extensive trial and error, here are some suggestions on top GUI tools you can consider:

1. DBHawk

DBHawk is a MySQL GUI that will make it easier to schedule reports and build online data dashboards and D3 based charts with point-and-click simplicity. It is also notable for providing top-notch database security. Discerning MySQL developers rely on its visual query builder to conveniently drag and drop database tables, build SQL server database ad hoc reports, SQL queries, and parameterized reports.

It has all the tools needed for actions such as, edit data, export or import data, filter data, manage constraints and triggers, and much more. Being web-based, the GUI can be accessed from any browser, so you do not have to worry about installing any specialized software on every machine you use in your office, and you can work more flexibly. Anyone can also use this MySQL GUI even with limited SQL knowledge.

2. DBForge Studio for MySQL

It is a multi-purpose IDE GUI platform with functions and features for MySQL database maintenance and development. Besides letting you execute and create queries, it allows you to debug and develop stored routines and analyze table data.

3. MySQL Workbench

A unified visual tool designed specifically for DBAs, developers, and database architects. It has the functions for designing, administering, and developing databases.

4. phpMyAdmin

Another web-based MySQL GUI tool, but written in PHP. It is free and easy to use if you need only the most basic functions, even if you lack MySQL knowledge.

Top 4 MySQL GUI Tools


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