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A structured query language is the commonly used standardized programming language to access a database, which is a structured collection of data. To access and effectively analyze data, you will need a database management system. For non-IT experts and non-technical users, MYSQL data analysis can become complex and confusing. The task is best left to the experts. MySQL data analysis should be that difficult if you know how to create tables and collate data and prepare it in a format that is easy to analyze. Moreover, as long as you use a reliable MySQL client, you should be able to make the entire process simpler and quicker to do. Here are three steps to help you perform data analysis using MySQL:

  1. Go for a web-based MySQL client tools online data browser – Look for one that supports comprehensive online database browsing functionalities. Use it to view, edit, insert new, update, or delete data. It should be used when creating duplicate rows or updating values. The data browser should come with a blob data viewer and text data viewer, both of which you can use to explore data in one click.
  2. Filter data and import or export data – A MySQL online data client comes with filters that can help you sort data under assigned conditions. This should allow you to find and explore only the data that you need. The MySQL client comes with export and import tools, too, which lets you use SQL query results data, export table data, and view data in HTML, PDF, Excel, or CSV formats. Likewise, you can save the exported data to the cloud or to your hard drive. CSV data can be imported into the database tables.
  3. Use the online table manager – Create, rename, count the total rows, drop, change, or rename a table and view column details with simple clicks on the intuitive online user interface. You can create a new view, drop a view, rename a view, or modify the view, too.
11/2016  Explanatory MySQL Data Analysis Broken Down Into 3 Easy Steps


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