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MongoDB is an open-source cross-platform database program that is document-oriented. Instead of using SQL, it relies on documents that resemble JSON, with schemas. Managing MongoDB databases used to be restricted to machines that have certain types of software, but browser-based database management tools have made the job easier and more efficient without installing any programs. This way, MongoDB management can be cost-effective and simpler anytime and anywhere. DBHawk is one of the web-based database management solutions that work with MongoDB. It is an online GUI that is supported for Mac, Linux, and Windows platforms.

DBHawk has an intuitive tool that lets you query and browses full databases and documents from a browser. You can query documents using the advanced drag and drop online query builder of DBHawk. It is easy to use the data editor, online GridFS, JSON data viewer, and MongoDB Shell from your browser. The tool uses the pagination display that is native to MongoDB to let you view large collections. You can rename, add, or drop documents, apply filter criteria, or apply paginations to see document details.

Using DBHawk, you can edit existing values, expand the full view, and browse documents. A few simple clicks can let you accomplish tasks like add new value, edit value, insert a new document, insert key-value, and remove the field. Use the MongoDB Shell that comes with DBHawk to update and query data and conduct administrative operations. This time, it is a web-based interface that lets you execute commands to MongoDB. You can load as many shells as necessary for any number of operations, including multiple command statements.

DBHawk comes with an online GridFS utility, which is exclusive to MongoDB for retrieving and storing large files like audio, video, and images. Using this feature, you can view, search, and filter all or specific files in MongoDB. It simplifies the searching, renaming, deletion, uploading, editing, and downloading, of files, too. Likewise, DBHawk has a JSON data viewer that lets you recursively expand the document collection data and explore all data by right-clicking on an existing document.

Learn about the open-source cross-platform database program MongoDB and how to manage it without installing any software. Also, learn how to query database online within seconds with the help of DB editor.

DBHawk MongoDB – Manage MongoDB Without Installing Any Software


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