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A MongoDB online shell or web shell is a specially designed web application for emulating different features of the MongoDB online terminal. DB Hawk is an example of an online shell, which enables users to browse through and query entire databases along with documents, with the use of a web browser. This MongoDB online terminal allows users to query databases and documents with a drag-drop query builder and includes features and functionalities like SQL query writer data viewer, online utility browser, and data editor. It can likewise import and export JSON and CSV data, connect to mLab and/or Atlas directly from the browser, and create new collection with a few simple clicks.

MongoDB unlike other databases is document-oriented, meaning it does away with rows and tables to show data and instead make use of collections, much like JSON documents. These documents provide support for embedded fields, which allow for related data to be stored with and within them. it is likewise a schema-less database, which means there is no need to determine or specify the type or number of columns before data is inserted.

To understand the MongoDB (a no-SQL database) in SQL terms, it helps putting their essential features side by side. For instance, while both applications correspond to databases, Tables in SQL are equivalent to collections in Mongo DB, Rows to documents, columns to field, and index to index.

Mongo DB online shell terminals like DB Hawk offer a range of features and functionalities that help streamline database creation and management. From the database and collection viewer down to the data editor, query builder, and other online utilities, online shells provide users with an interactive and highly intuitive web-based command center and interface for managing different actions and operations within the Mongo DB environment. They enable various administrative operations as well as command statements.

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