Easiest Way to Operate Web Based MongoDB GUI Tool


When looking for a way to manage and operate Mongo DB without having to install a client software on your machine, you can turn to highly intuitive, web-based MongoDB GUI tools designed to enable browsing documents and query full databases through a web browser. With these kinds of tools, users can easily query Mongo DB databases and documents with the help of an advanced drag-drop query builder. The best web based MongoDB GUI tool is one that supports critical functions and capabilities like Mongo DB SQL query writer, online GridFS browser, JSON data viewer, Mongo DB data editor, along with other features like easy import and export of JSON/CSV data, creation of new collections, and connecting to mLab or Atlas from your browser window.

Below are some of the most useful features of the DB Hawk web-based MongoDB GUI tool:

  1. Database and collection viewer –The browser-based tool enables users to view and browse through full Mongo DB collections and databases. This is largely thanks to pagination options when displaying large collections. Users can likewise add new document, rename document, or drop document, and apply paginations and filter criteria in order to view details of documents.
  2. Data Editor – This web-based Mongo DB GUI tool also allows for document browsing, full view expansion, and editing of existing values—edit, add new, insert key value, remove field, and insert new document with a few simple clicks.
  3. Mongo Shell –Mongo shell is DB Hawk’s interactive browser-based command interface, which can be used to update and query data and at the same time perform other administrative operations and run multiple commands.

Other crucial features of the DB Hawk web-based Mongo DB GUI took include the query builder, online Grid FS utility, JSON data viewer, and other online utilities, which help simplify commands and actions to a few clicks.


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