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MongoDB Browser – Instruction and Installation

Rina Nahar

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A web-based MongoDB browser will help you manage MongoDB easily without the need to install any client software on every computer you use. The best ones feature intuitive GUI that enables browsing and querying of full databases and documents on your preferred web browser while letting you query using an advanced drag and drop functionality. Are you ready to use it? Here’s what you need to know about installing your MongoDB browser:

System requirements

A good-quality online MongoDB browser can run on Microsoft Windows, macOS, Unix, and Linux operating systems;, and it is supported with Tomcat application-server. Basically, it is platform-independent because it is developed using Java-based web technologies.

While it is web-based, it still makes sense to have good specs on your computer so it can run smoothly. Make sure you have at least 8 GB RAM and at least 25 GB of disk space. The GUI should work with any modern browser, like Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Safari. Just make sure you have Java 1.8 or later installed on your server.


You can purchase an online MongoDB browser with an annual license term. This is often the best option. It should let you use the client for a whole year. You should also be entitled to software updates, technical support, and maintenance support.


A good MongoDB browser comes with all the tools you need for writing SQL queries, on top of the JSON data viewer, data editor, and online GridFS browser. It also lets you export/import JSON/CSV data, create a new collection, and connect to mLab or Atlas from the browser window. Use it to query and update data, conduct administrative options, oversee large amount of data in pages, and view collection data in just a few clicks!

MongoDB Browser – Instruction and Installation


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