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Getting Started with MongoDB GUI

Manish Shah

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MongoDB originally does not come with an administrative GUI. Hence, the administration is typically conducted from the mongo shell or another command line tool. However, you have the option to get a separate MongoDB GUI, which is specifically designed to work seamlessly with your database for easy management and deployment. Some of the best MongoDB GUIs are web-based and can be accessed through a browser over a secure internet connection. These platforms are supported for macOS, Linux, and Windows, making them highly versatile for any machine. The best thing about using a third-party GUI is the absence of a client software, which is normally installed on individual machines.

A MongoDB GUI is an intuitive and web-based platform that lets you put up a query and browse full MongoDB documents and databases from your browser. With this platform, you can query documents by performing advanced drag and drop query builders. The GUI comes with all the necessary tools you will need for efficient database management, such as the MongoDB data editor, online GridFS, JSON data viewer, and the Shell. That way, you can do everything and manage your database from a single platform, without installing additional software on your machine.

The database and collection browser is one of the most crucial features in a MongoDB GUI. Using this browser, you can explore and view entire MongoDB collections and databases. Some platforms offer a pagination feature to display bigger collections efficiently. You are allowed to add or rename documents, apply criteria for filters, and view document details. The data editor lets you expand the full view, browse documents, or edit existing values with a few simple clicks. The MongoDB shell is the web-based interactive command interface that can let you update and query data, or perform administrative operations. Many different shells can be opened simultaneously, so you can perform many operations at once. It lets you run several command statements at a time, too.

Getting Started with MongoDB GUI


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