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Using a self-service BI & ad-hoc reporting tool will enable you to connect quickly and efficiently to multiple data sources, and build powerful data dashboards and SQL dashboards. If you are looking for a dependable platform, consider a well-developed product that comes with a free trial and a live demo, like DBHawk. That way, you can try what web based ad hoc reporting tools can do for your business and find out for yourself how they can be convenient for you. DBHawk supports web-based business intelligence, with its selection of reporting tools that can help you generate charts, data reports, and dashboards independently, even without IT.

Understanding ad-hoc –

Ad hoc is Latin, and it means ‘for this situation’. When your job concerns business analysis, you will need to work on different kinds of BI (business intelligence) requests quickly and efficiently. Even if you have your own IT team, it will be better if you have access to web-based ad hoc reporting tools that can provide more freedom and flexibility to access, view, and analyze data in real-time. This is where you can depend on ad-hoc reporting tools from DBHawk, which is designed to empower the business analyst to connect to the necessary data sources. Likewise, it enables the quick creation of SQL queries, dashboards, charts, and reports to be shared with other decision-makers, so everyone can collaborate and act on business requirements as quickly as they can.

DBHawk comes with all the essential web based ad hoc reporting tools that will empower your business. It supports self-service business intelligence by enabling IT to create a data access control policy, so they can easily allow business users to access the required data. Once you and other business intelligence users are able to access data, you can connect to a data source and start writing SQL queries through an online SQL editor or create SQL queries with DBHawk’s visual SQL query builder. You can write queries, even with limited SQL knowledge because it eliminates the need to write a single line of SQL.

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