How to Use Ad Hoc Reporting Tools for SQL Server


Ad Hoc reporting models are designed to allow non-technical end users to generate and develop reports on the fly, without the need to consult program developers. Ad Hoc reports are typically developed by end users instead of developers, which is why AD Hoc reporting tools are mainly developed to shred dependency on coding and provide non-technical uses a way to develop their very own reports using a semantic model. Many ad hoc reporting tools have native connectivity capabilities with SQL Server, thus enabling users to quickly and seamlessly import data as needed, join SQL Server tables with that of other databases, run ad-hoc queries, and create data visualizations and dashboards, all without putting much pressure on your production database and bypassing code writing. Here are ways to maximize your use of Ad Hoc reporting tools:

  • Ad Hoc reporting tools are designed for instant deployment so you can simply and seamlessly connect them to your SQL Server without the need for custom development or any IT involvement. Look for the appropriate SQL Server connector, which is typically available out of the box, once you get a hold of your preferred Ad Hoc reporting tool.
  • Use the Ad Hoc reporting tool on top of your existing enterprise data warehouse in order to efficiently save on IT resources and provide your users and business analysts with the ability to perform exploratory and agile data analysis. This is particularly beneficial when you have one basic source of organizational truth for EDW reporting.
  • Take advantage of inbuilt tools like analytical columnar databases, which enable you to query and analyze complex data sets, twice the speed of other in-memory and OLAP solutions.
  • Manage data in a highly visual environment. Today’s ad hoc reporting technologies offer streamlined, automated functionalities that simplify formerly lengthy and tedious data modeling and other query optimization processes.


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