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Modern business intelligence is heavily driven by technology for accessing data and generating actionable reports that will help enterprise stakeholders and management personnel in making informed decisions. These tasks are time sensitive in nature and require quick and relevant data analysis, charts and report generation as per the demands of the situation, without having to rely upon an already overburdened IT department. This is where web-based ad-hoc reporting tools come into play, allowing users to analyze reports and generate relevant information for impending business decisions in a quick and easy manner. Let’s see how:

Modern web based ad hoc reporting tools are designed to be used by non-technical personnel. This means any report you require or data you need to access can be fetched, processed and customized without the need of coding. These online programs also allow users to define a data access policy and clearance levels to maintain the security and integrity of a database. Once the right people get access to the right data, Visual SQL query builders and online SQL editors can be used to generate legitimate SQL queries, fetch data, generate reports, charts and access dashboards without the need for using any code.

Ad hoc reporting tools are designed to support business intelligence functions and hence, they are rigged to generate more intuitive, interactive and accurate reports for better decision making. Line charts, pie charts, scatter plots, bar graphs, maps, grids, choropleths, counters, and tables can easily be created using the easy and convenient tools offered by these tools. Web-based ad hoc reporting systems also allow for business intelligence collaboration and data sharing based on set access and clearance rules along with the option of password setting and data encryption to prevent information leaks or theft. All in all, these tools are designed to offer comprehensive business intelligence solutions to users who do not possess requisite SQL coding knowledge in a web-based access format.

Using online ad-hoc reporting tools has been known to aid in faster and more efficient decision making, especially when you take into account the option of accessing and processing data remotely through the cloud. It is definitely something that your enterprise will benefit from.

Analyze Reports with Quick and Easy Web-Based Ad-Hoc Reporting Tools


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