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The business environment is changing rapidly, becoming more and more unpredictable and information-centric. This creates a situation where decision makers often desire situation-based data that needs to be processed for steering an enterprise in the right direction. For any normal database management system, such queries are known as “Ad-Hoc,” and they tend to be slightly tough to handle, owing to their unpredictable nature, of course. Data, reports, charts, and dashboards are needed without the need to involve the IT department for managing the Ad Hoc SQL queries. This is where web-based tools such as DBHawk come in handy – they offer a quick and easy fix for all your Ad Hoc SQL queries.

DBHawk is a robust and powerful online SQL editor that allows users to access databases, tweak entries, build Ad Hoc SQL queries and generate reports in just a few clicks. The entire system is based on a premise that users need not resort to hardcore coding to connect to data sources. The tool offers a host of different features to facilitate business with their BI needs including:

  • Using DBHawk, businesses can define a clear and secure data access policy to help ensure that relevant information reaches the right individuals without the risk of falling in the wrong hands.
  • DBHawk allows users to build Ad Hoc SQL queries using the online SQL editor or visual query builder without having to write even a single line of SQL code!
  • DBHawk also allows users to view and manage databases and even tweak data presentation by using some serious cool visual aids like a D3 dashboard, Line Chart, Pie Chart, Area Chart, Scatterplot, Bar charts, Choropleth Maps, Data grids, Counters and more.
  • Sharing Ad Hoc SQL reports with other BI users is easy as cakewalk with DBHawk. Users can create links or emails and even set expiration dates on the same to ensure that data security is maintained.
  • DBHawk also allows users to schedule tasks and build Ad Hoc SQL queries on the basis of a pre-defined routine. The system becomes extremely handy when certain data reports are needed by BI users on a regular basis.

DBHawk is a perfect addition to your set of BI tools needed to keep your business enterprise ahead of the curve, always!

DBHAWK – Quick And Easy Fix For Your Ad Hoc SQL Queries


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