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Benefits of Using Ad Hoc Report Builder to Generate Data Reports and Dashboard

Self-service business intelligence can empower your company to become more productive while enhancing the workflow. The right tools, like the ad hoc report builder, can get you started with that. A proper solution combines ad-hoc reporting with self-service BI while providing features for connecting to multiple data sources, defining data access policies, and building powerful data dashboards and SQL charts. That way, you only have to use a single platform that can do all your relevant tasks and aid business analysts in fulfilling BI requests.

As a business analyst, you will need to generate dashboards, charts, and data reports on your own, even without support from your IT team. An ad hoc report builder gives you secure access to data and does other things, such as connecting with necessary data sources, building or writing SQL queries, generate dashboards, reports, and charts, and share those with others for quick and seamless decision-making. Here are more benefits of using that type of tool:

Powerful dashboards  

The ad hoc report builder lets business analysts build various ad-hoc dashboards, reports, and charts after making SQL queries and analyzing results. Different charts and intuitive dashboards can be created with just a few clicks and drag-and-drop moves.

Secure collaboration

Share your D3-based charts, dashboards, and ad-hoc reports with other business intelligence users via email or give them a link. With a responsive dashboard design, it is easier to view dashboards on mobile devices or with a browser. You may share password-protected links or schedule an expiration date, or share SQL queries with your colleagues using an innovative online SQL editor sharing tool.

Automated reporting

An ad hoc report builder comes with an SQL job scheduler that lets you schedule the running of ad-hoc reports. You may program it to deliver the results to you by email. Likewise, you can export the data into HTML, Excel, or PDF format.

Ad Hoc Report Builder


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