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Building dashboards, reports, data visualization, and charts can be easier with a web-based SQL server report builder. The best tool offers ad hoc capability, making it a suitable alternative to a conventional SQL SSRS (service reporting service) or to the Oracle APEX (Application Express). Business users and SQL Developers can rely on it to securely create and share reports easily with other users. To implement this type of SQL server report builder, you need to find a skilled and expert database and reporting software development specialist.

One of the best things about a custom SQL server report builder is that it can have the features that are most essential to your business. The Ad Hoc report builder allows you to add parameters to your report and save it into formats like xls, PDF, CSV, and, HTML. Before building reports, you can schedule them to receive results via email or save on a user directory. The best SQL server report builders have the capability to build D3-based charts, too. This way, you can use a platform that supports different types of charts such as gauge, dendrogram, bubble, line, pie, chord, box plots, discrete bar, stacked/grouped multi-bar, and stacked/group area.

You can customize your own dashboard to share with other users. With a dashboard builder, you can create dashboards with data grids and charts, and share them to authorized users with an HTML link. A high-end dashboard should support password-protected and non-protected dashboards. Likewise, it should allow users to put an expiration date on it or to disallow access after a certain period.

Reports scheduling is a feature that a great SQL server report builder should have. This function lets you schedule reports to occur at repeated intervals. The automation aspect of scheduled reports eliminates the need to manually do reports, allowing you to save time and effort, while making sure that reports are delivered at a timely manner.

Great SQL Server Report Builder – Implementation & Customization


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