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Microsoft SQL server report builders are a necessary tool for database users looking to generate, manage and deliver both paper-oriented reports as well as interactive web-based reports from all kinds of data sources. Even though most reporting services incorporate the commonly used features and options necessary for building reports, these usually are not enough for the smart and savvy BI user who needs a tool that is easy to use and saves on time. Enter DBHawk, one of the most interactive and intuitive web-based Microsoft SQL server tools that you can use as a viable alternative to SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS). And for making your server report building function faster, here are 3 easy ways that you can adopt while making use of DBHawk:

Use DBHawk Drag and Drop visual query builder

DBHawk is an entire web-based Microsoft SQL server report builder that allows you to build queries with drag and drop database tables. The system doesn’t require any coding or SQL knowledge at all and offers a purely visual mode of creating and managing queries in a matter of a few clicks. Your report building function will take at lightning fast speeds when you use this tool to connect to your data source.

Use DBHawk Drag and Drop visual report designer

DBHawk also allows users to create and edit reports visually with a nifty drag and drop report design tool that can assist you in creating a D3 based chart, gauge, dendrogram, bubble, line, pie, chord, box plots, scatter plots, discrete bar, stacked/grouped multi-bar, or stacked/group area. Your report dashboard becomes much more intuitive with this tool and you are able to design and present your data in a much faster and more efficient manner.

Use DBHawk job and report scheduling features

Microsoft SQL server report builders rarely provide ad hoc report automation features, however, with DBHawk, you can schedule jobs, automatically generate reports, access, and import data and even share your final presentation with relevant BI users much faster. Now you can schedule all your routine report building functions and concentrate on tasks that demand more of your attention!

Use these three easy ways to make the best use of DBHawk’s Microsoft SQL server report builder.

3 Easy Ways To Make Microsoft SQL Server Report Builder Faster


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