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Using a Teradata-supported database query builder will allow you to build SQL Queries by simply dragging and dropping database tables from a schema browser to the SQL query builder. A convenient, user-friendly, and web-based query builder provides an easy way to build and create SQL queries even if you have no knowledge of SQL. There also no need to install any software on your machine.

The best database query builders have intuitive interfaces that will let you add conditions and build your query with only a few simple clicks. Don’t worry about having to write lines of code to create complex SQL queries because you wouldn’t have to do that with the help of the right query builder. Some SQL query builders will also help you build SQL expressions, apply SQL aggregate functions, and perform other related functions. You may also have the option to open built query into an SQL editor for execution and formatting.

When choosing a Teradata database query builder, look for one that is visual. For example, you should be able to open as many query tabs as you wish and work on different builders all at the same time. A good query builder also shows live data preview while you build your queries, and gives you the liberty to apply a filter or various conditions on data preview window. Some would even automatically build join conditions based on a foreign key and primary key between two tables. A good database query builder also lets you export data from a data preview window into various formats like CSV, PDF, and HTML. To ensure that a database query builder has features that meet your needs, see to it that it comes with a free trial period.

Know more about Accessing Administrative Capabilities with Database Query Builder and how online SQL editor helps you query database online within seconds.

Teradata Client Tools: Accessing Administrative Capabilities with Database Query Builder


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