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An advanced Microsoft SQL server client is a good alternative to SQL server reporting services (SSRS) when you need a flexible and easily accessible platform for managing your database. MS SQL server client tools may be just what you need to build queries from any device, using only your browser. They eliminate the need to install software and pay for licenses on every computer, and lets you access your database from anywhere. Here are reasons why you need them:

  • For productivity – Completely web-based MS SQL client tools allow you to efficiently and quickly manage and create SQL queries or drag and drop tables in your database. The intuitive and simple point and click user interface makes it easier to create parameterized reports or an SQL server database ad hoc. Likewise, it lets you create D3 based charts and online data dashboards, and schedule SQL reports and jobs with a few clicks.
  • Extensive support – A leading web-based MS SQL server client is supported with Azure SQL Data Warehouse, Azure SQL Database, and SQL Server database.
  • No need to write code – Database developers can easily construct complex SQL queries without writing SQL code.
  • Easily import or export data – Using MS SQL server client tools, you can export view or table data into formats like CSV, HTML, and PDF, or as insert statements. You can import CSV data into tables and upload CSV files. There are tools for scheduling job imports to make them run automatically at regular intervals.
  • Browse and edit data quickly – SQL server clients can make it easier to manage SQL server data with a simplified interface for browsing, updating, deleting, filtering, and editing table data. You can update binary and text data, too.
  • Gain more control over your database – With a point and click interface, MS SQL server client tools enable an efficient and quick management of database constraints and manage triggers.
MS SQL Server Client Tools: A Complete Solution to Build Queries Online


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