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An SQL server report builder can boost your productivity as it helps you build charts, dashboards, data visualization, and reports with only a few simple clicks. Some of the most efficient and easy to use SQL server report builders are web-based. Hence, you can access them from any browser, and you do not have to worry about installing any software. As a result, you can save time and hard drive space while making sure that you can develop reports easily. A report builder can be an alternative to an SQL service reporting service (SSRS) or to the Oracle Application Express (APEX).

Both business users and SQL developers can rely on a web-based SQL report builder for a more secure way to build or share reports. When choosing one, be sure to look for thesql-report-builder-tool following features:

1. Ad hoc report builder

Editor users and SQL query builders can create reports. Users may add parameters to those reports and save them in formats like PDF, XSL, CSV, or HTML. You can preview reports before building them, and you can schedule the reports to be saved on the user directory or get the results via email after building them.

2. Data charts

With an SQL server report builder, you can create a D3-based line, pie, bubble, discrete bar, stacked or group multi-bar, chord, box plots, and gauge. Consider a platform that supports stacked or group area, and dendogram charts, too.

3. Reports scheduler

With this feature, you can schedule reports to run at consistent and repeated intervals without any intervention. This can be convenient if you need to run several reports at a time.

4. Dashboard builder

You can create dashboards and share them with other users through an HTML link. Data grids and charts may be present on the dashboards.Look for an SQL server report builder that supports password-protected dashboards. It should let you indicate an expiration date to prevent users from accessing the dashboard after a particular period of time.

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