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Many organizations and businesses use data on a daily basis, making it highly crucial, hence, worthy of being protected. For this reason, professionals take the time to study database security and auditing to make sure that they can keep track of users and the operations involving their databases. Database security and auditing is focused on the use of information security controls to protect the availability, integrity, and confidentiality of databases. 

Database systems are always at risk for security breaches and problems such as unintended or unauthorized activity, as well as misuse by an authorized user or administrator. Without proper security and regular auditing, you may not be aware of hackers gaining access to important data about your business or organization. There are other security risks that could occur on a database system:

  • Malware – Infections can make it easier for third-party users and attackers to access your database, causing disclosure, leakage, damage, or deletion of programs, data, and personal or proprietary data. Some malware may interrupt or deny access to your database and attack other database systems, causing delays and loss of productivity.
  • Data loss and data corruption – These could be due to factors like entry of invalid commands of data, mistakes in the system administration processes or in the database, and sabotage.
  • Programming bugs and design flaws – These could lead to vulnerabilities in the security of your databases, causing performance degradation and data loss or corruption.

Studying database security and auditing does not have to be tedious and difficult. There are centralized database security and auditing  solutions that can work with many different database environments like SQL Server, Netezza, SAP HANA, Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL, and Teradata. This type of auditing and security tool should make it easier to record and monitor the database actions of a user. Consider a web-based security and auditing software that runs on a server, to ensure regulation compliance.

Why People Are Willing To Study Database Security And Auditing


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