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What is Teradata? 5 Best Tools for Every Business

Rina Nahar

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For large scale data warehousing, certain relational database management systems stand out. Teradata is among them. It’s an open-source platform that simultaneously supports multiple data warehouse operations following the concept of parallelism. It supports commonly used server platforms, particularly Windows, Linux, and Unix. Knowing the best 5 Teradata tools is recommended if you’re looking for better ways to browse database schemas, build and run SQL queries, generate SQL scripts, schedule reports, and create SQL reports. Here are the five tools that will allow every BI user and data warehouse developer to save time and increase productivity:

1. DBHawk

DBHawk is one of the best 5 Teradata tools because it offers flexibility with its web-based access. It fully supports business analytics needs with its intuitive web-based GUI.

2. Teradata SQL Assistant

This tool retrieves, stores, and manipulates data from the Teradata Database. It’s also compatible with any database with an ODBC interface. Data can be stored on a desktop PC and it will provide consolidated results or conduct data analyses using Microsoft Excel and other similar tools. It can also connect to Teradata Database through .NET Data Provider for Teradata.

3. Teradata Tools and Utilities for Windows

An entire package contains the Teradata Vantage client tools for Windows, including database management, load and unload utilities, drivers, and administration.

4. Teradata Tools and Utilities for MacOS

For a system that runs on MacOS, this package comes with everything you’ll need to connect to the Teradata Advanced SQL database.

5. Teradata Tools and Utilities for Linux

This package comes with the full collection of all client tools from Teradata, such as the open interfaces, load and unload utilities, and connectivity drivers. The software can connect to the Teradata Advanced SQL, and it’s easy to install using the Linux rpm installer.

Which of these best 5 Teradata tools are you considering? It’s important to pick something that will provide the most flexibility in the way you work, so you can be productive no matter which machine you use. A web-based Teradata GUI can fulfill that requirement. If you’re not sure how it works, consider requesting a demo or sign up for a free trial!

What is Teradata? 5 Best Tools for Every Business


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