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What Do You Mean by Oracle Client Tool?

Manish Shah

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Oracle is one of the most trusted database platforms, but to make it simpler to use, you will need to consider installing a client that will enable access to your databases from almost anywhere. Leading Oracle client tools are web-based, so they make it easier for SQL developers, SQL business intelligence users, and database administrators to develop and manage Oracle databases from their web browser. This means you do not have to install a local client on your computers, and you do not have to worry about compatibility issues with your operating systems.

SQL developers who use Oracle have access to a visual SQL builder that lets them drag and drop tables and create SQL queries and ad hoc reports, online data dashboards, and parameterized reports with point-and-click actions. Oracle client tools can be convenient for development managers, too, as they enable faster and easier access to their business users and developers without counting on database administrators. Managers can access their databases quickly to audit the SQL activities of their users.

The best Oracle client tools are secure and empower managers to conduct database activity monitoring more conveniently. This way, they can be suitable alternatives to APEX (Application Express), and just like Oracle’s signature program, they will not require you to create a PL SQL-based solution. Everything you will need for database management, auditing, and creation is already with the platform. Apart from the online data browser and editor, you get tools for exporting and importing data.

Oracle client tools come with a column manager, an index client tool, and a database trigger manager. Using a web-based constraints manager, you can view the constraints details (i.e. type, name, status, and columns), and click on their names to view detailed information, like delete, last changed, reference owner, rule, reference columns, and reference table. It is possible to add a new primary, unique, and foreign key, and check constraints, too.

What Do You Mean by Oracle Client Tool?


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