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Microsoft SQL Server may bring convenience to your database management as it delivers a unified data platform. But wouldn’t it be better you can access it from any device, so you can continue doing your work from anywhere? That is possible with web-based SQL server data tools, which can be your alternative to the SSMS (SQL Server Management Studio). One of the best tools available is supported with Azure SQL Data Warehouse and SQL Database, and the SQL Server database. Fully web-based, it comes with a visual SQL query builder that lets you create and manage SQL queries efficiently and quickly. With a drag and drop function, it is easier to add or build database tables.

Web-based SQL server data tools come with an intuitive and simplified point-and-click interface, so it is easier to build parameterized reports and an SQL server database. This interface also simplifies the creation of online data dashboards, scheduling of SQL reports and jobs, and building D3 based charts with just a few clicks. Manage SQL server data no matter where you are using the interface that lets you quickly filter, update, edit, delete, and browse the table data, or update, insert, and view an MSSQL binary data, so it can be exported into formats like HTML, PDF, and CSV with a few clicks.

Using the web-based SQL server data tool, you can import CSV data into your database tables and upload a CSV file directly into them. The tool will automatically map the table columns, and after importing, you can start scheduling import job to run automatically at regular intervals. The online SQL server table manager gives you full control of the database tables by enabling you to rename, create, truncate, or drop tables, while showing the full set of tools for altering or viewing column details. The web-based SQL server data tools come with a database trigger manager that lets you explore existing table trigger details and disable or enable trigger or drop a trigger. It is also possible to add a new After of Before events triggers for Delete, Update, and Insert statements.

Web-Based SQL Server Data Tools


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