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Use DBHawk’s Postgres Web Client to Make Database Development and SQL Analytics Job Easy

Manish Shah

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Having a Postgres web client can make SQL analytics and database development easier. However, you need to consider the features and the type of GUI that the client provides, and make sure that it is intuitive and easy to use. DBHawk offers a PostgreSQL web client that can let you build SQL reports, queries, D3 based charts, and data dashboards online. With an intuitive and feature-rich interface, DBHawk makes it easier to schedule SQL jobs and access database management tools from a web browser using any operating system like Windows, Linux, and MAC OS. One of the best features of DBHawk is the point and click simplicity, which lets you execute commands and perform tasks quickly and easily for higher productivity.

DBHawk is developed to help SQL analytics and database development jobs easier and faster to accomplish. With the ability to browse databases, users can edit and view Postgres table data, and update, delete, or insert data, DBHawk can easily update values and duplicate rows with just a few clicks, too. The advanced web client data filter can be applied to the view data and table. The web client comes with tools to import and export data into formats like PDF, Excel, HTML, and CSV.

Consider signing up for a free trial of DBHawk and view the free demo on its official website. That way, you can further explore the features of the web-based Postgres client and see if it is worth purchasing and if it can support your database development and SQL analytics requirements. The Postgres data editor of DBHawk has an intuitive user interface that can let you delete, insert, and update stored data in the tables. Using the table manager, you can drop a view, create new views, count the rows in a view, view column details, and filter the view data in a few clicks. DBHawk comes with an index manager for Postgres to make it easier to view index type, columns, uniqueness, and other important details.

Use DBHawk’s Postgres Web Client to Make Database Development and SQL Analytics Job Easy


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