DBHawk Tutorials

This section contains the features and various tutorials to show how to do various database tasks with DBHawk

SQL Server Create Table using DBHawk

DBHawk allows users to visually create tables and other objects in a SQL Server database.

Following tutorial shows how to create a table.

To create a SQL Server table, SQL Syntax is:

CREATE TABLE table_name
column1 datatype [ NULL | NOT NULL ],
column2 datatype [ NULL | NOT NULL ],


  • First Login to SQL Server database with DBHawk.
  • After Login, Go to the Tools menu and click on Create Table menu item.
  • Enter Table name and choose schema name where you would like to create a new database table.
  • Click on the Next button and add columns using Table Column screen.
  • You can enter Column name, Data type, Length, Scale, Not Null, Default value and comment for the column. After entering above information for a column, click on Add Column button to add a column.
  • Repeat above step to enter other columns.
  • After entering desired table columns, click on the next button to enter table comment.
  • After entering optional table comment, click on Show SQL button to preview SQL.
  • Preview SQL Windows allows users to see final generated SQL and user can view or run this SQL to create a DB table.
  • You can create a table by clicking Execute on Preview SQL window or Finish button on Create Table Wizard screen.
sql server create table

For detailed SQL Server Create Table syntax, visit SQL SERVER CREATE TABLE (Transact-SQL)