What is an Online SQL Editor?

Online SQL editors offer database administrators and developers access to edit SQL code and queries directly in any preferred web browser. This means that you don’t have to install a SQL editor on your desktop to develop your enterprise database applications. Instead, open your favorite browser, connect to an online SQL editor, and immediately start your SQL development.

However, not all SQL editors are made equal - some are more capable than others. For example, not all of these tools support all possible SQL implementations. Some are limited to supporting vendor-specific deployments, including those from leading database vendors.

What are the Most important Features to Look for in an Online SQL Editor?

In our opinion, the important features and capabilities that makeup the best SQL editors are:

  1. Ease of use including SQL statement auto complete
  2. Ability to connect to multiple databases
  3. Support for viewing database objects
  4. Support for edit data
  5. Intuitive web-based UI
  6. Online SQL Formatter

In this post, we review the top 5 best SQL editors and breakdown which one offers the most extensive SQL editing platform. We will summarize the features of each tool and look at their support for different SQL databases to determine which SQL editor is conclusively the best.

The 5 Best Online SQL Editors

1. DBHawk

Coming at number one on our list is DBHawk, a complete web-based database management and business analytics (BI) platform with drag-and-drop capabilities. It offers an online SQL query builder and an online SQL job scheduler, as well as ad-hoc reporting and database security and auditing capabilities.

This SQL editor has a window on the left where you enter your SQL code; a window on the right displays the results of your SQL scripts in real time.

The Top 5 Online SQL Editors

Why Use DBHawk?

DBHawk offers an enterprise ready web-based platform with a wide range of features and capabilities for transforming how you manage data.

Wide Range of Supported Databases

DBHawk supports a wide array of SQL and NoSQL databases as well as secure access to on-premise and cloud databases. From Amazon Redshift, Cassandra, MongoDB, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, SAP Hana, Snowflake, Teradata, and more, DBHawk has got it covered.

Advance Online SQL Editor

DBHawk’s online SQL editor feature offers users a web-based interface for creating, editing, and running database queries. Format SQL queries, SQL database schema objects viewer  and beautify SQL statements with displayed color syntax highlights. Leverage SQL auto-completion to show tables, columns, schemas, and special keywords as you type, greatly increasing productivity.

Learn more about DBHawk’s Online SQL Editor.

SQL Query Builder

DBHawk is the first web-based query builder that provides an easy-to-use tool for generating complex SQL queries. With DBHawk, you can create queries without the need to write even a single line of code—the intuitive interface will help you add conditions and build your data query with just a few clicks. Users can open the SQL builder and build SQL queries by dragging and dropping tables on the query builder, with the ability to work on different builders at the same time.

Learn more about DBHawk’s SQL Query Builder.

SQL Job Scheduler

DBHawk’s SQL job scheduler feature helps you automate your SQL workflow across various platforms and applications saving you valuable time and resources. DBHawk logs all SQL job activities and provides admins with detailed information on SQL job history for auditing purposes.

Learn more about DBHawk’s SQL Job Scheduler.

Powerful Ad-Hoc Reporting

DBHawk offers an ad-hoc reporting tool with powerful features for defining your data access policy and building insightful SQL charts & data dashboards. View database data from your most important data sources and build out advanced tables and charts for easy visualization.

Learn more about DBHawk’s Ad-Hoc Reporting.

Database Security

DBHawk delivers a centralized server-based solution for database activity monitoring (DAM). Gain secure access to databases hosted in the cloud or on-premises locations. DBHawk supports secure two-factor authentication, SSL, and integration with LDAP. 

Learn more about DBHawk’s Database Security.

DBHawk offers unmatched database security and management features that help you save valuable time and resources. If you're working on applications with various database backends, DBHawk is the online SQL Editor tool for you.

If you’re working on applications with various database backends, DBHawk is the Online SQL Editor tool for you.


2. SQL Fiddle

SQL Fiddle is an open-source tool that was expressly made for testing and sharing solutions to database-related problems posted to StackOverflow and similar websites. You won’t be able to view the results of any SQL queries you write on it in a side-by-side format. Instead, it allows exporting of SQL script to different formats, .e.g tabular, text, and markdown format. It does support several databases, including MySQL 5.6, Oracle 11G R2, PostgreSQL 9.6 and 9.3, SQLite, and MS SQL Server 2017.

3. Online SQLite Compiler

This online editor, as its name suggests, supports SQLite 3.20.1 only, which is good, if you’re using SQLite. It does not offer any support nor documentation - you have to know SQLite inside and outside to take advantage of the tool’s capabilities. What counts in its favor is that it has a separate results column, where you can view your SQL scripts running just-in-time.


Online SQLite Compiler

4. jdoodle

This tool is part of a tool suite and supports MySQL, MongoDB, and SQLite 3.21.0/3.9.2. You have to enter your SQL in a window at the top, then manually execute it to see its results at the bottom. You can then save the script to a file. The various other tools in the suite allow you to play around with various programming languages and frameworks, including C++, C#, PHP, VB.Net, NodeJS, and Go.


5. Oracle Live SQL

Like SQL Fiddle, this tool from Oracle is more of a testing and sharing tool, but geared for SQL and PL/SQL. Other databases are not supported unless you are using standard SQL. Note that standard SQL may not work for all databases, though. If you are using Oracle, this would be a good tool to use, as it also generates data access examples for C, Java, and PHP. The tool comes complete with documentation and tutorials.

Secure Database Access and Management with DBHawk SQL Editor

When it comes down to ranking various SQL editors, DBHawk stands supreme amongst the competition. With all of the features and databases supported by DBHawk, no other competitor comes close to matching its capabilities.

Ready to have peace of mind for database security and management? Register for a free trial or request a DBHawk Demo for more details today.


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